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NCAA Championship Game Open Thread

Talk about the "amateurs" here.

Ronald Martinez

I don't know if I'm going to watch--nothing is particularly appealing on Netflix, so I might.

If you are, talk about the game here.

It's a 7 seed and an 8 seed, one of which is going to be crowned champion. I get that the tournament is exciting, but its result doesn't exactly tell us much about which teams are the best.

At any rate, Kentucky and Connecticut--how many titles between them?

Kentucky is loaded with supposed NBA prospects, though frankly I can't say I'm sold on any of them. Of course, I know nothing about the draft, that's why I have smarter people paying attention to it.  Connecticut, not so much. As far as I know, Shabazz Napier is the only potential NBA player on their roster--please correct me if I'm wrong.

The game tips after 8:00 pm Central on CBS.  Enjoy it.

Real basketball, otherwise known as the NBA, is back in action tomorrow, as are the women, whose title game features Connecticut and Notre Dame, and will be played tomorrow night.

Enjoy the tilt.