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NBA Playoffs: Pacers-Hawks, Thunder-Grizzlies, Clippers-Warriors

Playoffs Playoffs Playoffs! Three game sixes tonight, with the Hawks and Grizzlies looking to close things out at home while the Warriors try to stay alive in Oakland. Enjoy the games. Chat here.

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Three more tonight:

Pacers at Hawks
6:00 pm Central

The Hawks look to close out a monster 8 over 1 upset following their embarrassing beat down of the Pacers in game five in Indianapolis.  It's unlikely they will shoot like that again, but they have generally looked the better team in this series, and while the Pacers are clearly capable of winning two in a row and escaping this series, they are going to have to get it together right now to have a chance to do so.  If they don't,Frank Vogel will likely be unemployed.

Thunder at Grizzlies
7:00 pm Central

The big one. Four straight games in this series have gone to overtime, and the Grizzlies have managed to win three of them, putting them in position to upset the Thunder in this 2 vs. 7 matchup. The Grizz are a nightmare; strong, physical, unwilling to give up anything easy. Tony Allen has been spectacular in this series, and the Grizzlies have done a terrific job on a struggling Kevin Durant. All that said, the last four games could have gone either way. The next one or two can as well. One of the most compelling first round series I can remember.

Clippers at Warriors
9:30 pm Central

The Clippers were clearly relieved Tuesday night, and it showed; they were able to control the action and take a 3-2 series lead. Now they head back to Oakland where the crowd will be at a fever pitch to try to close things out. Mark Jackson is probably coaching for his job for the Warriors, who need to counterbalance the Clippers interior advantage with good perimeter shooting. The always have a shooters chance, so this one isn't over yet.