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Wednesday NBA Playoffs: Nets at Heat and Trail Blazers at Spurs

Two home teams looking to close out their series' in five games tonight and clinch their spots in their respective conference finals. The Heat host the Nets following a big game four win, and the Spurs host the Blazers after missing on a chance to sweep.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Nets at Heat
6:00 pm Central

The Heat look to close out the Nets at home after a close and exciting tilt in game four in which LeBron James scored 49 points and Chris Bosh hit the tie breaking three pointer in the final minute.  A devastating loss for the Nets, who battled extremely hard to get that series even before falling late.  The Heat would love to wrap this one up and get some rest prior to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Blazers at Spurs
8:30 pm Central

The Spurs are also hoping to close out their series with the Blazers at home after losing game four in Portland with a chance to sweep. Not surprisingly, the Blazers came out with energy and were able to get their offense going, especially though Nic Batum.  They also played with more effort and intelligence on defense and forced the Spurs into more bad shots then they taken in the first three games combined.  A tough assignment for the Blazers though, to go into San Antonio and get another win.