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Thursday NBA Playoffs: Pacers at Wizards, Thunder at Clippers

The Wizards and Clippers will try to force game sevens in their respective series with home wins tonight. Enjoy the games and chat about them here.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's Games

Pacers at Wizards
7:00 pm Central

The Wizards will look to stay alive again after staving off elimination in game five in Indiana. In truth, they have been much better on the road this post season then at home, but will need to use the home court to their advantage tonight. John Wall broke out of something of a shooting slump on Tuesday night, and Marcin Gortat was awesome.  Can the Wizards find other guys to step up tonight? The Pacers have a real ability to look awful, as they did on Tuesday when nobody seemed to show up.  They will need Paul George to be a star tonight if they want to wrap this series up without a seventh game.

Thunder at Clippers
9:30 pm Central

Will their brutal loss in game five have a hangover effect on the Clippers?  They need to shake that one off and take care of business at home to force a game seven back in Oklahoma City.

This has been a great series, with the last two games featuring fantastic comebacks, one by each team, and some terrific play from star players. Russell Westbrook stole the show in game five, dominating proceedings (mostly for good), while Chris Paul made a couple of terrible mistakes down the stretch.

Doc Rivers needs to get his team refocused after he lambasted the officials for their use of instant replay. That one is over, and the Clippers need to concentrate on game six.

Enjoy the games. Chat about them here.