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Lynx Take Opener, Big Soccer Games Today

The Lynx won their opener on the road over the Mystics last night. Maya Moore and Seimone Augustus carried the scoring load. Arsenal tries to get a trophy today in the FA Cup Final, and La Liga will be decided in Barcelona.

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Morning all. Hope your weekend is getting off on the right foot.  I managed to stay in bed until 7:30, so that's excellent.  My coffee maker, which has its ups and downs, worked correctly, so I'm on a roll.

The Lynx got their season off to a good start last night, winning in Washington behind Maya Moore (34) early and Seimone Augustus (24) late.  The Lynx got off to a monster start, leading by 17 in the first quarter as Maya Moore was on fire.  The Wizards got back into the game in the second as their second unit badly outplayed the Lynx bench, which is going to be an issue given the injuries and lack of depth.

However, the Lynx were able to pull away late in the game as Seimone Augustus found her stroke, and rookie Damiris Dantas scored a couple of big baskets to go along with her team leading 12 rebounds and five assists. Boxscore if you are interested.

The Lynx home opener is Sunday.

Two big soccer games today:

  • The FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Hull City.  Arsenal hasn't won a trophy in a lot of years, and while the FA Cup isn't the league or European title, at least it's something.  A Hull win would be huge for their fans.  Game is on Fox (the actual network) at 10:30 an Central.
  • The La Liga title will be decided today at 11:00 am Central when Athetico Madrid visits Barcelona in the final game of the season.  An Atleti win or draw and they are champs, a Barcelona win and they take the title.  Huge for Atleti especially, for whom this year is their shot at glory. The team will not stay together.
The NBA is off again today. The ECF between the Heat and Pacers starts tomorrow afternoon.  I'll get a thread up for that.

There was some more word salad from Flip suggesting...something about a coach after the lottery, and making those things sound connected, which is hard for me to fathom.  Keep us updated with any news in comments.

This is a weekend open thread.