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NBA Playoffs: Raptors at Nets, Spurs at Mavericks, Rockets at Blazers

Last night, all three trailing teams won their game sixes, sending the series' to game sevens tomorrow. Three more game sixes tonight--will we have more game sevens? Chat about it here.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

And...three more game sixes tonight!  IT NEVER ENDS!

Raptors at Nets
6:00 pm Central

The Raps will look to close things out at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn tonight after a bizarre game five in which it looked like they were cruising to a blowout win until the Nets hung 44 on them in the 4th quarter to get the game tied. Thanks to Kyle Lowry, the Raps escaped that one, but one wonders if their confidence was shaken. At any rate, these teams are back at it tonight.

Spurs at Mavericks
7:00 pm Central

The Spurs looked somewhat more like the Spurs in games four and five, taking back control of the series, but the Mavericks refused to go quietly, battling to stay in both games late. The Spurs depth of talent was on display, as Manu Ginobili and Boris Diaw have both come off the bench to be decisive players in the series. Meanwhile,Vince Carter has been putting on a display, making over half of his threes, and forcing Gregg Popovich to remind his players what Carter looks like. Dirk Nowitzki, who had been struggling with his shot, seemed to find it in the 2nd half of game five, and the Mavs will need him to have a big game if they are going to force a game seven.

Rockets at Blazers
9:30 pm Central

Unlike the Raptors and Spurs, the Trail Blazers have the chance to close out their series at home. They were unable to get the job done in Houston in game five, as the Rockets controlled the glass and got a big contribution from their bench.  Tonight is another chance for the Blazers, this time in front of their home crowd. LaMarcus Aldridge, who had been such a force all series, struggled in game five, it would help the Blazers if he could get back on track.  Houston, meanwhile, is still waiting for theJames Harden explosion.

Enjoy the games. Chat about them here.