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Spurs at Thunder Western Conference Finals Game Four

The Thunder will look to even up their series with the Spurs at two games apiece tonight in Oklahoma City. The home team has won each of the first three games.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs at Thunder
8:00 pm Central

The Thunder got their first win in the series in game three at home on Sunday night, much thanks due to the return of Serge Ibaka, who had a huge impact on both ends of the floor. Not only did he shoot 6-7 and score 15 points, but his defensive presence entirely changed the game, as the Spurs, who had been shooting lights out and scoring bushels of points in the paint were shut down in game three.

The difference Ibaka makes cannot be overstated, and was obvious the other night, even when he isn't quite at full strength.  The Spurs are a very smart team and will no doubt make adjustments heading into game four; a win would give them control of the series and a 3-1 lead, a loss and the teams will be even heading back to San Antonio.

Expected Lineups


Tony Parker
Danny Green
Kawhi Leonard
Tim Duncan
Tiago Splitter


Reggie Jackson
Russell Westbrook
Kevin Durant
Serge Ibaka
Kendrick Perkins

Enjoy the game. Chat about it here.