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NBA Playoffs: Nets at Heat, Blazers at Spurs

The other two second round series get underway tonight. Miami back on the floor for the first time in a while, and an interesting point guard match up in San Antonio.

Mike Ehrmann
The other two second round series start tonight:

Nets at Heat
6:00 pm Central

The Heat have been resting following their sweep of the Bobcats, while the Nets took seven games to get by the Raptors. The Nets actually swept the Heat during the regular season; I wouldn't expect that to matter much. Still, if the Nets are going to get one on the road, it might be game one if the Heat are a bit rusty.

Trail Blazers at Spurs
8:30 pm Central

The Spurs put everything together in game seven against the Mavericks, and looked unbeatable. The rest of the series, however, showed us that they are beatable. Still, they are the clear favorites against the Blazers, who looked impressive in taking out the Rockets.  LaMarcus Aldridge had dominant games, and Damian Lillard played fantastic basketball throughout.

Enjoy the games. Chat about them here.