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Wednesday NBA Playoffs: Wizards at Pacers, Clippers at Thunder

The 2nd round featured four not so close games in the openers. Hopefully the 2nd games are better. Two tonight: Wizards at Pacers and Clippers at Thunder. Enjoy em. Chat about it here.

Andy Lyons

Two more games tonight

Wizards at Pacers
6:00 pm Central

The Wizards were terrific in game one, showing off their quickness and athleticism, making threes, and dominating the offensive glass. The Pacers looked moribund, much like they did for much of their first round series against Atlanta. They must have Paul George play more efficient offensive basketball.  The Wizards have won all four of their road playoff games so far.  It's fun to see a team find a new level like this.

Clippers at Thunder
8:30 pm Central

The Thunder will try to rebound from a disastrous game one where they simply could not stop the Clippers from getting whatever they wanted offensively. It helps whenChris Paul makes 8 of 9 threes, but the Clippers ball movement and team-wide shot making ability was just too much for the Thunder. Hopefully game two will be more competitive.

Enjoy the games. Chat about them here.