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Friday NBA Playoffs: Pacers at Wizards and Thunder at Clippers

Both series are even at one apiece as they change venues for two critical game threes. Enjoy.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Pacers at Wizards
7:00 pm Central

Big game in this series as it's even at one game apiece. The Wizards made their threes and won game one, missed them and lost game two.  Roy Hibbert woke up in a big way in game two for the Pacers, scoring 28 points, which provided the Pacers enough offense to hang on in game two; we'll see if he can put together two games in a row.  Still waiting for a big Paul George game, and on the other side, John Wall needs to be better then 2-13 from the floor for the Wizards. This could be a long and interesting series.

Thunder at Clippers
9:30 pm Central

Each team took a turn being dominant offensively, the Clippers in the first game with Chris Paul and all their shooters, the Thunder in the 2nd with their fearsome duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.  The series shifts to L.A., amid rumblings that Shelly Sterling wants to keep "her" half of the Clippers.  More distraction is not what the Clippers need, but we've seen their talent just overwhelm opponents at times.  This is a fun series. I hope I can stay awake

Enjoy the games. Chat here.