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Spurs Dominate Heat, NBA Draft Talk Heats Up

The Spurs blow out the Heat in Miami to take a 2-1 series lead in the NBA Finals. Donald Sterling still looms over the league like a malignant...something. Draft talk gets hotter. It's a Wednesday.

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Hello. Being new here, I'm just going to introduce myself, post a few things, and get out of the way. My name is Zachary Bennett, and I'm going to be regularly contributing content here at CanisHoopus. My previous work may be found at some other Wolves blogs, Hickory-High, and another number of places.

Here comes a super-warm take.

Yes, it was.

The San Antonio Spurs, who are often knocked by the casual fan as 'boring', opened the game with an exuberant display of offensive firepower. The Spurs shot a blistering 85.7 percent 86 percent in the opening quarter, and brought a 21 point lead into the locker room at halftime.

Still, albeit the interview [below] was scheduled prior to the latest chapter of the Donald Sterling saga, not one moment of ABC's halftime coverage was dedicated to breaking down one of the greatest performances we've ever seen. Instead, we received a candid, comforting, and transparent Adam Silver.

It was the most exuberant bit of basketball many have ever seen played, but let's not spend half time finding a way to talk about those boring ol' Spurs.

Also, this video titled "Proud to Be" aired nationally during the half.

If you missed it, the Spurs won game three 111-92. Kawhi Leonard was a big reason for the Spurs successes throughout the game. He bothered LeBron, defensively, while piling it on from the field by going 10 of 13 en route to 29 points. Not bad, not bad at all. Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski sings some high-praise describing Leonard's importance in this series, which can't be overstated. San Antonio was 8-8 during the regular season without Leonard in the lineup.

If you're into making jokes about fans in Miami leaving games early, this picture below was taken with 1:36 remaining in the game. The Heat deficit was 19, at the time.


With 17 days remaining until the NBA Draft, coverage has nearly reached it's peak. This bit from Andrew Johnson, a fun stats follow on the twitter-verse, titled This Summer's Worst NBA Mock Draft at Johnson's blog titled Counting the Baskets is something worth checking out. This unique draft-model is essentially the reverse exercise to Johnson's Scouting Informed Draft Model, linked here.

Ian Levy meandered through a statistical profiling of Andrew Wiggins, at Bleacher Report. Vince Carter, Harrison Barnes, Luol Deng, were all mentioned as similar when comparing Wiggins' similarity scores. Wiggins will reportedly work out for the Milwaukee Bucks this weekend. The report also states that Joel Embiid will work out for the Cleveland Cavaliers, in Cleveland, as well as undergo a physical evaluation.

As for the Wolves, Minnesota does not have the luxury of having the number one selection which means they're not hosting any pre-draft workouts for any top-five candidates.

Now for a shameless plug. William Bohl of A Wolf Among Wolves, John Meyer of The Daily Wolf, and myself were on-air yesterday discussing Flip Saunders, potential draft selections [from the 13th slot] and subsequent topics pertaining to recent Wolves news.

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I'm very excited about joining the CanisHoopus community. Big thanks to Eric in Madison for the opportunity.


Eds. Note: As Zach said, he's coming on board (along with one more new contributor, hopefully) to keep our content up and running. Please be nice to him while he learns the ropes. --Eric in Madison