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Lots of headlines, updates; Lynx, Blatt, Mitchell, Vegas. Also; Spurs are good

The Lynx visited President Barack Obama in Washington DC, Thursday. David Blatt is O.K. with becoming an NBA assistant head coach. Sam Mitchell hired onto Flip Saunders staff. NBA releases schedule for Las Vegas Summer League.

David Ramos

Note: There were scattered bits of things happening yesterday, so forgive me if this is cluttered and sporadic.


It's "What They Like To Do."

The Minnesota Lynx were in Washington D.C. last night, visiting President Barack Obama at the White House. Obama began his speech by reminiscing over the Lynx most-recent team visit to Washington, in where they were honored for winning the 2011 WNBA championship. " I had a feeling I might see them again before I left office." Obama said yesterday, "I just want to mention that I was right. And so you can fact-check that, PolitiFact. I got that one right."

In case you're unaware, the Lynx have won two WNBA championships over the previous three seasons.

They're truly a representation of excellence.

"But you began last season with something to prove." Obama continued, Thursday; "In 2012, a tough loss to the Indiana Fever in the Finals kept you from a second straight championship. So in 2013, you set out for a little redemption, and, to put it mildly, you succeeded. You did not only go 26-8 in the regular season, but you also swept the playoffs -- a perfect 7-0."

The President quoted assistant coach Shelley Patterson, while he hoped to encapsulate the persona by which the team carries. Patterson: "Winning is what we like to do."

While it is an honor to stand in the home of those who have spearheaded America's democracy not only once, but twice, Minnesota is en route to a third consecutive trip to the White house in four years. That was yesterday. Tonight, the Lynx face-off against the Atlanta Dream-- who have won their previous two games. Atlanta is the top ranked team in the Eastern Conference at a record of 5-3. Still, Los Lynx are 8-1; they're undoubtedly the team to beat in the WNBA.

The Lynx tip-off against the Dream at 6:30PM [CDT]. Locally, you can watch the game on Fox Sports North Plus, or listen to Alan Horton on the radio call via 106.1FM. Also available is WNBA's Live Access [This is essentially League Pass] for the low-price of $14.99. Not bad idea for any avid, lady hoops, fans out there.


It had been mentioned in yesterday's post that Mark Stien was under the impression David Blatt would not accept a coaching position unless he were to become a head coach. Since then, things have changed. Blatt spoke to the media in Israel yesterday; "The truth is that I don't know yet where I am going. There are several options, good options, and now that I have told Maccabi that I'm leaving I will intensify my talks with NBA teams. I just want to realize a dream and hold a significant role with an NBA team."

Still, Blatt taking an assistant gig under Flip Saunders had always been somewhat of a longshot.Yesterday's announcement wasn't a technically a loss, but it wasn't exactly a win for the Wolves either. It isn't certain that they are incapable of attaining Blatt, but it's highly unlikely he ends up in Minnesota.

It appears that the notion Sam Mitchell would become an assistant coach for the Timberwolves has come into fruition, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.


Meanwhile, back in the nation's capital, Lynx star Maya Moore took the podium after President Obama.

"It's really just been an awesome three years, going into my fourth year, and even before that." Moore described her career in Minnesota thus far. "The foundation that was being built with Seimone, Coach Reeve and all the other captains. But every year it starts at Mr. Taylor's house [...] where we have our annual dinner at their house where we all come together. And as the rookies got to see, we're really a family."


"They Played Great"

Last night -- in their own road to redemption -- the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat, 107-86, in game-four of the NBA Finals. For the second consecutive game, the Spurs shot over 50 percent on the road and limited the Heat to less than 100 points. Truthfully, I don't feel there are words that would do Gregg Popovich and his team's performance adequate when assessing last night's game. I feel privileged to have witnessed it. That said, there's still a series to be played here, albeit other than the third-quarter of game three; the Heat have virtually been outplayed since stealing game-two in San Antonio.

Game-five, now an elimination game, will take place on Sunday. Judging by Erik Spoelstra's post-game reactions, it seems there may only be very-little hope left for the two-time defending champions.


Also worthy of mention. Yesterday, the NBA released it's Las Vegas Summer League schedule. The Wolves preliminary schedule is as follows.

July 12th, Thomas & Mack Center, 6:30PM tip-off [Dallas Mavericks]

July 13th, Thomas & Mack Center, 9:30PM tip-off [Washington Wizards]

July 15th, Thomas & Mack Center, 3:30PM tip-off [Chicago Bulls]