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Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs Game Five Thread

The Spurs will try to close out the finals tonight in convincing 5-game fashion, while the Heat will attempt to make history and climb back into it.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs

7:00 pm CST


The Spurs have a chance to finish off the Heat, get their revenge, and win their fifth ever championship in very convincing fashion tonight. This series hasn't been the compilation of instant-classics that we saw last year, but it's hard to complain when you consider the way the Spurs have gotten their work done over the past week or so.

Similar to last year, fans are struggling to determine who the most valuable player for the Spurs has been in this series. Last year, Danny Green's name was brought up pretty frequently. This year, Kawhai Leonard and Boris Diaw's (to a lesser extent) names have been considered. Still, Zach Lowe (not surprisngly) makes a valid point.

This was kind of the case last year as well, excluding a 6-point game 4 performance. It will be interesting side story to keep tabs on if the Spurs are able to finish the job.

Expected lineups:


Tony Parker
Danny Green
kawhi Leonard
Boris Diaw
Tim Duncan


Mario Chalmers
Dwyane Wade
LeBron James
Rashard Lewis
Chris Bosh