The Family Is Getting Put Back Together

I happened to grow up in Minneapolis during a special time: I saw the Twins win 2 World Series (although there's really only 1 I legit remember) and the birth of the T-Wolves. In fact, I happened to attend the first ever win in franchise history at the Metrodome against the Charles Barkley-led 76ers.

There was once a time in my life that Doug West was one of my favorite basketball players in the NBA (then it was Christian Laettner, JR Rider, and probably Hollywood Robinson for a season, and oh man were those years interesting and how silly I was as a kid).

That said, I am absolutely excited about the future of the Wolves. Flip coming back, along with having Sam Mitchell and Sidney Lowe is quite simply bringing the Wolves family together. I am from the midwest where we value things like honest, hardwork, integrity, and family. I get the sense that most fans are disappointed. We aren't going to land any heavyweights with the shape of the franchise. No coach wants to go into a situation where they do not know who is going to be on the team, and all coaches want to coach great players.

It's like people have forgotten that Flip got the Wolves to the postseason on a regular basis, a place we haven't been in 10 years. Also remember what got us into this crap situation: the draft not the coaching.... Well, except for Kurt Rambis... I think we all know he can't coach.

My advice to Wolves fans: 1) stay a fan 2) watch Love leave, and 3) believe the organization will get the right pieces to make the team competitive down the road.

The Wolves are a family with a head coach who is a fellow Minnesotan and 2 assistants who spent time in uniform and on the sidelines as a Wolf. This is the most excited I have been about this organization since 2005