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Hot, Hot, Burning Love, World Cup Update

It's going to be a long week. And likely a long next decade in Wolves fandom. But that Luis Suarez can play some soccer.

Julian Finney

So everyone has more or less weighed in on the Love situation in the last 24 hours, I guess it's my turn.

Golden State is the hot "rumor," and it was a terrible idea a month ago, and it's still a terrible idea.  Rubio, Thompson, Pek, and Lee all at $12M plus is not a core that is going to be truly competitive in the Western Conference, but that is essentially what you are tying yourself to if you make this trade. What's the point? I like winning, but the 10th seed isn't winning.

As Zach writes at AWAW, this might be where  POBO Flip's and Coach Flip's interests conflict.

Denver strikes me as a deal in the same spirit, though if they can somehow work the 11 and Evan Fournier into it, it's a little less nauseating.

If Chicago isn't interested (which I'm not sure I believe), I suppose I would consider a Celtics deal, though again that means Flip is making the draft pick that is at the center of the deal.

At any rate, the draft is Thursday, and I assume this will be resolved then. It's gonna be a long week.

But at least we have the World Cup to distract us!

Yesterday's big news was England's loss to Uruguay 2-1 behind two goals from Luis Suarez who was playing against several of his Liverpool teammates. Whatever else you think of him, he is absolutely the most dangerous striker in the world right now. A month after knee surgery he came out and put two past Joe Hart to all but eliminate England from the World Cup in the group stage for the first time in forever.

Elsewhere, Colombia beat the Ivory Coast 2-1 to sew up a spot in the knockout stages, and they looked good doing it.

Today's fixtures:

Italy v. Costa Rica 11 am CDT (Go CONCACAF! Costa Rica is on 3 points having beaten Uruguay in their opening match. A win sends them through, a draw eliminates England definitely).

France v. Switzerland 2 pm CDT (Both won their openers)

Honduras v. Ecuador 5 pm CDT (Go CONCACAF. Sort of. Both were losers in their opening games).

The Lynx are back in action tonight at home against the Mystics after they split a back to back out West, beating the Sparks in L.A. and losing to the Mercury in Phoenix.  After their 7-0 start, the Lynx have gone 2-4 over their last six, and need to get back to playing consistent basketball.  Monica Wright made her return on the trip.

One more note:

I want to welcome both Zach and Kyle to Canis Hoopus. I have really enjoyed running our virtual bar over the last year, but it's always good to help mixing the drinks, as it were. It was becoming too much for me to handle without more help, as Tim is working an actual job now and of course Key Dae is always busy.

Zach and Kyle bring their own voices (I think somewhat less dark than mine) to the place, and I hope they add their different perspectives along with taking some of the work load off me.  Thanks everyone for welcoming them, I think it's going to add to the flavor of Canis Hoopus to have them around.

Today in History

1214: Oxford University receives charter
1567: Jews expelled from Brazil. Wait, there were Jews in Brazil in 1567? 
1633: Charter for Maryland given to Lord Baltimore
1791: Louis XVI caught trying to escape revolution in France
1837: Queen Victoria crowned
1840: Samuel Morse patents telegraph
1867: President Johnson announces purchase of Alaska
1944: Congress charters CIA. 
1967: Muhammad Ali convicted for draft refusal

Today's musical birthday is Chet Atkins, born in 1924 (d. 2001)

Hey. At least it's Friday.