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Love Links, Lynx Love, and World Cup Soccer

The Lynx beat the Mystics at Target Center last night, while the World Cup marches on to the beat of Costa Rica and Kevin Love finds himself in the Philippines.

Michael Steele

The Minnesota Lynx beat the Washington Mystics for the 2nd time this season, this time at home, as Seimone Augustus returned from missing a game to score 19 points in 26 minutes. Maya Moore led the Lynx with 20, as they built a nine point halftime lead and cruised from there to win 75-65. They held the Mystics to 36% shooting on the night, and now have everyone back other than Rebekkah Brunson. The bench is still lacking in production, but hopefully Monica Wright will round into form in the coming weeks.

The Lynx next play Sunday at Target Center against the Indiana Fever at 6:00 pm Central.

I was going to try to make this a Kevin Love-free post, just for some relief, but Zach sent me a bunch of useful links, so...I'm gonna use them.

Love himself is in the Philippines doing clinics and participating in something called the Master Game Face Challenge. He spoke a bit about the evolution of the game toward bigs with perimeter skills.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that the Lakers are getting in on the action, trying to get Klay Thompson for the 7th pick which would go to Minnesota along with other things from Golden State for Love. This seems like an attempt to split the difference between a Boston-esque package and the Golden State package, but still would mean David Lee. I'm not clear on what Flip is trying to do, not that I ever am.

On the other hand, Woj told Boston radio that he thinks it's more likely than not that the Wolves go to camp with Love still on the team, as Saunders asking price is so high that he thinks it's just for show. That's better news, as certainly keeping him is more appealing that the Golden State trade, but we'll see.

The big news yesterday at the World Cup was Costa Rica's second straight win, this time over Italy, which both eliminates England officially, and sends the Ticos through to the knockout stages.

CONCACAF! That's how we do it.  Actually, they looked really good in their 1-0 win, clearly the better side both against Italy and Uruguay in their first game. Aggressive, pressing, countering.

Elsewhere, France dominated Switzerland 5-2, completely battering the Swiss defense, and have now won their two games by a combined 8-2.  Ecuador beat Honduras 2-1.

Today's fixtures:

Argentina v. Iran 11 am CDT
Germany v. Ghana 2 pm CDT
Nigeria v. Bosnia 5 pm CDT

It's Saturday; I'm feeling too lazy for history.

But I do have a musical birthday: Ray Davies, founding member of the Kinks, born in 1944

Have a great Saturday.