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U.S. draw with Portugal, Lynx Beat Fever

The U.S. forced to accept a draw against Portugal, who equalize in the final seconds of stoppage time. The Lynx win again to go to 11-4 on the season. Draft week.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I was going to write a full recap of the U.S.-Portugal match, but I'm so wrung out from it that I don't know how much I can get done. So perhaps some bullet points:

  • The U.S. played a much, much better game against Portugal than they did against Ghana. Much better.
  • They possessed the ball better, they found attacking space regularly, particularly down the right side where Fabian Johnson was a terror.
  • Geoff Cameron's horrible mistake in the opening minutes made me spill my beer. So shambolic.
  • Jermaine Jones' screamer was awesome
  • Michael Bradley was marginally better today, but still played way below his normal level. Still had loose passes, and didn't impact the game as he does when he's at his best. And his ability to hit a defender's knee in what was otherwise a wide open net was impressive.
  • And of course he had the give away that led to the equalizer. Just terrible. Anywhere would have done.
  • Ronaldo had a generally poor match, but had that one moment of world class quality. This is the difference (one of them, anyway) between the U.S. and truly good international teams: we have yet to produce a player who can consistently deliver those sorts of moments.
  • A draw against Germany gets them through. A loss may as well, though we get into goal differentials if that happens (unless Ghana and Portugal draw, in which case the U.S. is through no matter what happens against Germany).
  • The final group games take place simultaneously on Thursday at 11 am CDT.
Elsewhere, the Lynx beat the Indiana Fever at home on Sunday, moving their record to 11-4. Maya Moore led the way with 25, while Seimone Augustus and Linday Whalen each had 16.  The Lynx turned the ball over 19 times, made only 2 threes, and were out rebounded on the offensive glass 11-1.  They won because they shot 57% to the Fever's 37%. Sometimes it's about making shots.

My obligatory Love mention of the day:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Source: No way GState trading Klay Thompson to Minnesota or the Lakers.</p>&mdash; Chris Broussard (@Chris_Broussard) <a href="">June 23, 2014</a></blockquote>
<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

I certainly hope this is true.

Today in history

1683: William Penn signs friendship treaty with Lenni Lenape indians. 
1776: Final draft of Declaration of Independence is submitted to Congress
1780: Battle of Springfield in and around Springfield and Short Hills NJ; major dispute over where to put the mall
1894: IOC formed in Paris under Coubertin; bribes start pouring in immediately
1956: Gamel Nasser elected president of Egypt
1969: Warren Burger sworn in as Chief Justice
1972: Nixon signs Title IX into law

Today's musical birthday is June Carter Cash, born in 1929 (d. 2003).

Have a great Monday. Open up. It's gonna be a long week.