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NBA Draft: All of vjl110's Data in One Place

Below is vjl's draft cheat sheet for tomorrow's NBA draft. Study it. Learn it. So we know how bitter our tears should be.

Mike Stobe

All of the data in one handy place.

2014 NBA Draft Cheat sheet:


Click here to embiggen

MOCK: average Mock Draft ranking of Chad Ford and Draft Express (a of June 25th).

STAT: Averaged rating across the included statistical projection models.

EWP: "Expected Wins Peak". Gives predicted wins in prospect's best season using Age, MP, SOS, Height, Weight, and basic box-score statistics as fixed effects, and controlling for by-coach random intercepts and slopes. Parameters fit from all players to play in both the NCAA and NBA in past 30 years.

HUM: EWP model with additional information added by "scouting consensus", which is captured by the average mock draft position between Chad Ford and DraftExpress.

BUST, BNCH, STRT, STAR: Gives the odd a player will fall into each of four achievement bins. Predictions drawn from a multinomial regression model that combines EWP predictions with combine data.

WARP: Scores in Kevin Pelton's player projection system.

TRE: (Z-Score("Three-Point Attempts") + Z-Score("Three-Point Efficiency") ) / 2

TWO: (Z-Score("Two-Point Attempts") + Z-Score(("Free-Throws Makes" + "Two-Point Makes") / "Two-Point Attempts") )/2

DST: (Z-Score("Assists") + Z-Score("Assists" / "Turnovers")) / 2

REB: Z-Score("Total Rebounds")

DEF: (Z-Score("Steals") + Z-Score("Blocks")) / 2

COMPS: Degree better/worse than closest comp, Name of closest statistical comparison, Proximity to closest comp.