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World Cup Resumes with Round of 16, Wolves Introduced Rookies

Hey all, just a quick open thread for Saturday while we continue to digest the draft. Lynx lose, World Cup resumes, rookies arrive in Minneapolis.

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Most important sports thing today: Two intriguing World Cup Round of 16 games.

Host Brazil take on Chile at 11 am CDT and

A Suarez-less Uruguay play Colombia, the team that has most impressed me so far, at 3 pm.

Both tilts on ABC, so that's nice.  This is quite a quarter of the draw, as four South American teams battle it out. Brazil has looked good but not great, and while I expect them to be a little too much for Chile on home soil, Colombia in the quarters could be epic.  The Colombians, led by James Rodriguez, have looked as good as anyone in the tournament, even without their superstar striker Falcao.

Elsewhere, the Lynx lost last night in Seattle, 81-71.  The Lynx are now 11-5, and only 4-5 following their 7-0 start. This season is turning into a bit of a slog. The Lynx still have as much elite talent as any team in the league, but their lack of depth has really shown through over the last few weeks.  Still, we're only at the halfway point, and the season has plenty of time yet for more twists and turns.

Lots of reaction to the draft here at Canis and around the web, and we'll have more coming. Having had a couple of days to digest...I'm still not happy. A guy like LaVine is a guy you take a flyer on much later in the draft. There is just so little to indicate a positive future; to paraphrase feral, a lottery pick doesn't mean you actually use it buy lottery tickets. But that's what the Wolves did.

According to Zgoda:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>FYI: Wolves tried to move up in late in the first round by offering one of the players they&#39;re trying to deal and got nowhere.</p>&mdash; Jerry Zgoda (@JerryZgoda) <a href="">June 28, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Yeah. I don't think they tried very hard. Or at all.  And who knows who they were after? Doogie suggests they really liked Kyle Anderson, but to be honest, I'm dubious. I do sometimes wonder if they don't occasionally leak things to placate one the last remaining hard core parts of the fanbase--namely us. Blatt. Anderson.

Speaking of Blatt...the Wolves have hired Ryan Saunders for their coaching staff. That sure came out of nowhere. Assistants are Sam Mitchell, Sidney Lowe, David Adelman, and Ryan Saunders. Let that marinate.

Here's the thing: at the presser when Flip was named coach, Taylor said that one of the reasons they decided to go ahead at that time was so that they would have time to pursue the best assistants. And they wind up with this crew. Were other teams beating down the door for Mitchell and Lowe?  Will any local reporter ask Glen about this?

Speaking of pressers, the Wolves introduced LaVine and Glenn Robinson III yesterday. You can replay the presser at the team's website if you missed it.

Teams can begin to negotiate with free agents starting Tuesday.  I don't expect the Wolves to be particularly active, as they don't have cap space, and obviously the Love situation has to be resolved at some point.  I suspect the Wolves will try to trade various non-Love players and find little or no success.

At any rate, more on everything coming as always from our intrepid writers.

Have a great Saturday.