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Tuesday Cup of Canis

Not much happening on the Wolves front now with the draft still weeks away, no coaching news, and how much Love speculating can we do? The CH community mock draft is about the funnest thing ever. Lindsay Whalen 2nd straight Lynx to get WNBA Player of the Week.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

We've reached the first real dead period of the off-season.  There is very little news between now and the draft.  Obviously the Wolves have a coaching search going on, and according to Flip there is a good chance that will get resolved before draft night. Whether it is or it isn't, they are keeping things remarkably quiet.  The occasional Vinny del Negro flare up, but that's about it.

There is only so much speculating about Kevin Love we can do knowing that nothing that will happen at least until the draft. Draft workouts for the Wolves are on hold until June 11th, at which point they will have several days of workouts in a row before hunkering down to do their final draft preparations.

Of course the Finals start on Thursday, so we'll have actual NBA basketball to talk about for a while yet. A rematch of last year's finals. Last time that happened was Bulls-Jazz in 1997 and 1998.

The Lynx season is in full swing, but they don't play again until Friday in Seattle. Meanwhile, Lindsay Whalen was named WNBA player of the week for the second week of the season, following Maya Moore's player of the week in week one.

What is completely amazing is the Canis Hoopus community mock draft going on in this thread. Seriously, our fake GMs are going nuts. Trades galore; several teams have practically turned over their entire rosters. Mad Dan (which is what his moniker should be, forget the -ison part)...I can't keep up with what he's doing in Toronto.  The first pick has been traded. Phoenix somehow reaquired Steve Nash. Yeah. Fake things are happening over there. If you aren't participating, you should check it out for entertainment sake.

A Year Ago On Canis HoopusTwo interesting threads--the first the daily thread, in which I celebrated artist Donald Judd's birthday, which led to an interesting discussion of Marfa, TX, and also the art in Houston--the Rothko Chapel and the Menil. Always good. The other a vjl110 data dump for the 2013 draft with a long discussion of the relative merits of players the Wolves didn't end up picking.  And some fun digressions too.

Today in history

1540: Hernando de Soto crosses Appalachian Mountains; first European to do do
1889: Canadian-Pacific railway completed connecting the coasts by rail
1918: Now overturned SC case Hammer v. Dagenhart rules child labor laws unconstitutional. Ah, the good old days.
1968: Poor People's March on Washington
1968: Valerie Solanis attempts to kill Andy Warhol
1969: Last episode of Star Trek airs on NBC
1974: Yitzhak Rabin forms new Israeli government
1989: Chinese troops open fire on protesters in Tianenmen Square

Today's musical birthday is Curtis Mayfield, born in 1942 (d. 1999)

Have a great Tuesday. What's on your mind?