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Barkley, Robson on Love, Parsons RFA, Knicks Coaching Search a Mess

Some bits from around the league on a Wednesday.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, now Charles Barkley has weighed in on the Kevin Love situation.  He doesn't think things look too promising for our puppies, which puts him in the same company as, well, everyone.

"They are in a very awkward situation," Barkley said. "I understand why he doesn't want to stay there. They are not going to be any good for the next couple of years."

So that's nice.

Local scribe Britt Robson has weighed in on Love as well. He thinks it's too late to salvage the relationship, and that Love's departure is inevitable. Last off-season's spending has handcuffed the team enough that they are likely stuck with a largely similar roster for this season, and that won't be enough to convince Love to stay. He promotes Chicago as a quality trade partner.

Meanwhile, around the league:

Interesting strategy by Houston: they are apparently going to decline Chandler Parsons' option. Chandler has a team option for less than $1 million, and yet the Rockets are going to decline it and let him become a restricted free agent. It seems like, despite this, they may want to keep him by matching any offer, and are perhaps doing this to avoid him reaching unrestricted free agency next summer. This seems like an awfully expensive way to try to ensure keeping Parsons longer term.

At least today, Donald Sterling is ready to give up and "move on" from the Clippers:

Proving that we have somehow shifted into an alternate universe, Randy Wittman, after leading the Washington Wizards to the 2nd round of the playoffs, has signed a three year contract extension.

Phil Jackson isn't having much luck finding a coach for the New York Knicks. After being left at the altar by Steve Kerr when he took the Golden State job instead, Jackson was fined for tampering with the still under (playing) contract Derek Fisher. He likes his old guards.  That search seems messier than the Wolves.

Today in history

1391: Jewish quarter of Seville burned down, surviving Jews sold into slavery
1789: U.S. Constitution goes into effect
1792: George Vancouver claims Puget Sound for Britain
1879: First transcontinental train reaches San Francisco 83 hours after leaving New York
1919: Senate passes women's suffrage bill
1942: Battle of Midway
1973: Patent for ATM granted
1982: The Wrath of KHAN released

Today's musical birthday is Robert Merrill, baritone, born in 1917 (d. 2004)

Good Wednesday.