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LeBron James Returning to Cavaliers; Will Love Join Him?

LeBron James has announced his return to Cleveland. Is Kevin Love the next piece?

Jason Miller

LeBron James has announced his intention to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, returning home after leaving for Miami four years ago.

He wrote about it for Sports Illustrated.

This renews speculation from a couple of days ago that the Wolves would trade Kevin Love to the Cavs if they managed to sign James.

Perhaps meaningful, or you know, not, among the young players James mentions looking forward to working with, Andrew Wiggins, the number one pick from last month's draft, is left out.

Should we take meaning from this?

What do you think?

More to come.

EDIT: My position right now is...I guess I'd trade for Wiggins. It's a huge risk/reward situation, and I'm nowhere near sold on Wiggins as a star. But there are realities to deal with. Getting a controlled Andrew Wiggins has value; certainly I would rather roll those dice than submit to ponying up a max contract for Klay Thompson in another year.

There is still a good argument to keep Love, who is almost certainly better than Wiggins will ever be, but there is value in having Wiggins for seven+ years.

It does mean they have to figure out a plan. The trade means not winning this season. What is the plan going forward? More to come on this if it happens.