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Is Wiggins Available? He Ought to Be

Overflow. Since you guys can't stop talking

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In the last thread, I suggested that I was lukewarm about a Love trade centered on Andrew Wiggins. I would prefer the Chicago trade that Jerry Zgoda said was Flip's offer in his blog. This, of course, depends on how you view Wiggins. I remain skeptical, but I've been wrong before.

vjl's metrics tell a mixed story; there is certainly star potential there, but he isn't a surefire guy. There's a large chance he winds up being just a guy.

Of course, a Cleveland trade is impossible without him:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Because there&#39;s enough questions about it: The <a href="">#Twolves</a> are NOT doing Love for Waiters, Bennett, and two first round picks, etc.</p>&mdash; Darren Wolfson (@DarrenWolfson) <a href="">July 11, 2014</a></blockquote>

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But what about Cleveland? Mixed reports there about whether they would be willing to include him. Which strikes me, frankly, as nuts.  You have a chance to pair the best player in the world with another in the top 10 when he is 25 years old. Why on earth would you not do this? That is a monster platform from which to build.

A good front office can find reasonably quality depth (especially with the stars in place). You know what's hard? Getting your hands on superstar talent. An opportunity to get hold of two of the best 10 players in the world NEVER happens. When it does, you have to jump on it.

If they dither, I won't be upset, because I don't love the trade. But they really shouldn't.

And Golden State still doesn't want to trade Klay Thompson. (Thank the gods).