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East Beat West in WNBA All-Star Game, Love Remains Unsettled

Good morning. It's Sunday, and I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Christian Petersen

Just a quick open thread for Sunday.

The East beat the West in overtime in an exciting WNBA All-Star game yesterday in Phoenix. Shoni Schimmel was named MVP after the Atlanta rookie scored 29 points. A bench player for the dream, Schimmel was voted as a starter due to a huge amount of Native American support (she grew up on a reservation in Oregon), and wound up being the star of the game.

Maya Moore scored 24 for the West All-Stars.

It was a relatively quiet day for Kevin Love rumors yesterday, as we seem to have reached a holding pattern. Either the Cavs have made Andrew Wiggins available and presumably the two sides will work out a trade based on that, or they have not made him available and the teams are still nowhere. It seems clear at least that there has been talk between the two sides over the last few days, but I have no clue as to the content of those talks.

Anyway, wanted to get a quick thread up for the day. What do you want to talk about?