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An Evening of Love

Thought it was time for a quick round-up/overnight Kevin Love post. Because we aren't talking about that enough.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

It was another eventful day on the rumor mill while the Wolves try to squeeze as much as they can out of a Kevin Love trade that now seems inevitable.  I thought the last thread was getting a bit laggy, so here is fresh thread goodness.

What we know is that the two primary suitors at the moment are the Cavaliers and Bulls.  The Bulls situation became somewhat more clear (we think) today, as it was reported in multiple places that they are offering Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic, and Doug McDermott for Love.

Assuming this is true, I like this deal, especially if a pick is added in. I'm fairly high on Mirotic, and love Taj Gibson despite the fact that he's 29 years old; McBuckets is less appealing, but should have a role in the NBA.  The Wolves seem to be higher on him and less focused on Mirotic. Hopefully they don't make a deal without him.

This deal could not be consummated until August 21st, (I think), 30 days after McDermott signed his rookie contract.

Meanwhile, the Cavs situation appears the same. Wiggins and Bennett appear to be the primary pieces, with pick(s) possibly part of it as well. There are reports that other teams are lining up to help facilitate a deal as the Wolves also want to move some other players; J.J. Barea and perhaps Kevin Martin as well.

As Tim pointed out, the Cavs made a deal for three small, unguaranteed contracts yesterday, which in theory could help facilitate player movement as well.

It still feels to me that a Cavs deal is most likely, because I think Flip won't be able to turn down Wiggins.  I can understand that position, though it means some likely pretty terrible basketball for the next year or two. And it puts a lot of eggs in the Wiggins basket. If he doesn't emerge as a star, there isn't much else.

It's a tough call for me, but I think I prefer the Chicago deal, depending on details. That team could still be competitive, and there are a couple of rookies who might emerge. The choice really comes down to your confidence in Wiggins' future. If you really see him as a star, you have to take that deal even if it means another year or two of suffering. If you aren't as confident in him (which is how I feel), the Chicago deal looks better.

What do you think?