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Lynx Defeat Silver Stars, Love on our Minds

The Lynx won their 6th in a row at Target Center last night.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Lynx had their full lineup healthy for the first time all year, as Seimone Augustus returned from an eight game absence with knee bursitis.  They beat the San Antonio Silver Stars 88-78 at Target Center, as all five starters (as well as Monica Wright off the bench) were in double figures. Augustus led the way with 17. The return of health coincides with one of the better bench performances of the season, as the reserves, Damiris Dantas, Dev Peters, and Wright,  produced 24 points. Hopefully that sort of balance and production can continue as we head toward the business end of the season.

Yesterday was another day of Love madness, with various rumors swirling. Flip Saunders was on KFAN with Dan Barreiro yesterday and made the following points:

  • There is no deal in place.
  • He talks to teams everyday.
  • He has had no conversations about trading Kevin Martin or Gorgui Dieng
  • He thinks Dieng can play next to Pekovic, though spacing is problematic
Elsewhere...we have a long way to go friends. The NFL announced a two (2) game suspension for Ray Rice, who punched out his girlfriend and dragged her unconscious from an elevator.  That is less of a suspension than the NFL has handed out for pot smoking.  In the aftermath of this, ESPN screaming head Stephen A. Smith suggested on the always heinous First Take program that women should be careful not to invite abuse. His attempt to explain himself later on twitter did not go well.

I trust I don't have to walk through the grotesque illogic of that position.

We've discussed issues of sexism in sports before, and it's always worth a reminder that many of the things we take for granted in sports and in the wider world are part of a continuum that lead to the attitudes of Stephen A. Smith and the behavior of Ray Rice.

Anyway, this is an open thread for Saturday.