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"Emotions In Motion" Suicide Awareness Run/Walk: August 9, 2014

Last year Tim Allen's family took pledges for this Suicide Awareness Voices and Education (SAVE) event. This year's event is from 9:00 to noon on August 9, 2014. You can attend, or make a pledge, or join me in volunteering.

Just reminding people again about the date for this year's Suicide Awareness Voices and Education (SAVE) run. The official title for the event is:

Emotions In Motion:5K Run/Walk MPLS

08/09/2014 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
Lake Harriet Band Shell, Minneapolis

This event seemed to cater to both motivated runners and casual walkers who wanted to bring the family dog. The atmosphere was open and casual. It's a "Fun Run," right? Many, many people touched by suicide showed up in groups, sometimes wearing t-shirts about their friends and loved ones. Last year's crowd included some Timberwolves shirts out there.

How to Chip In:

Pledges will happen

There are pledge drives around this, like for other charity runs. The family group connected to Canis last time was called "Tim's Troops." I don't know if Tim Allen's family plan to be there this time around at all. Things change, and you can't always tell what people need, or can do practically. We do know, though, that the Allen family got some support from SAVE two Augusts ago, and attended last year's run. Tim's dog was there too. We know that people like them can get help from this place, and that is more than enough.

Attend and (if you want) run

Again, the run is on August 9th from 9:00 to noon. All you really need to do is show up that morning and mill around as part of a crowd. To participate there's a registration fee, which you can either pay now or handle on the day.


Alternatively, volunteering at the SAVE run last year didn't entail much trouble or tons of work. Basically there was a brief meeting a few days beforehand at a picnic table in the same park, to touch base and divvy up roles. This year's meeting:

Aug. 7th at 6 pm, at a picnic table across from Lake Harriet Band Shell.

Then we arrived early (at 6:00 or 6:30 am) on the morning of the run, helped pop open tents, and got ready to smile and direct people. Later we accepted their pledges, watched over one or two tents, and so on. If you want to sign up – I have again – then go to that same SAVE Page for this particular run and use the E-mail Address there to contact Ms. Linda Mars. She's welcoming and will accept the help graciously. There's no real overhead, here.

This is a worthwhile cause. It's also a fun, sweet time to remember people. There are many people to remember, as you'll see. -- feral