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Lynx Continue to Win, NBA Dead Period

The Lynx won in Connecticut for their 7th straight.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Lynx ran their current winning streak to seven games with a 76-65 road win against the Connecticut Sun. The win clinches 2nd place in the Western Conference and home court advantage in the first round for the Lynx, who got 17 points from Maya Moore among four players in double figures.

We have entered the traditional quiet period for the NBA, which would be true for the Wolves as well except that, well, their superstar is in limbo.  Given that several of the rookies rumored to possibly be in deals for Kevin Love cannot be traded for several more weeks, I don't expect anything to happen soon. Even though the teams can can come to agreement, I doubt the Wolves are in any hurry to consummate a deal until they have to.

So I think it's going to be a quiet month. The plan is to keep up with the Lynx, start going around the league with off-season pieces, and take a look at the Basketball World Cup.

Also, we can talk about food, music, movies, and beer. Like we always do.

Finally, please note feral's piece reminding us about the annual suicide prevention run/walk coming up soon. If you can help out in any way, please do.

Today in History

1794: Robespierre executed
1821: Peru declares independence from Spain (Peru National Day)
1868: 14th amendment officially ratified by states
1914: Austria declares war on Serbia, beginning WWI
1915: U.S. forces invade Haiti, stay until 1924
1917: Silent march; 10,000 African-Americans march in New York to protest lynchings
1942: 10,000 Jews killed by Nazis in Minsk ghetto
1943: Mussolini resigns
1943: British bombing of Hamburg results in 42,000 Germans killed
1945: Senate ratifies UN charter
1996: Kennewick Man discovered

Today's musical birthday is Rudy Vallee, born in 1901 (d. 1986)

Enjoy your Monday.