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NBA Free Agency: Channing Frye Got WHAT?! Wolves Hold First Summer Practice

Despite A Few Agreements, Rumors Still Own Free-Agency Land

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As far as excitement goes around the Timberwolves, well, there’s not a lot of talk and there probably won’t be until Carmelo Anthony and The Big 3 make a decision. After those dominoes fall, expect the Kevin Love rumors to heat back up.

The Wolves did have their first summer practice, though, and from all accounts it sounds like it was a pretty solid practice.

This is pretty much exactly what Wolves fans want to hear. It sounds like LaVine showed the ability to play some point guard and the fact that Flip Saunder said after practice that he "definitely" can play point at the next level... Well, that's saying something. Then again, it's Flip's guy. We probably shouldn't expect anything else.

LaVine did say that every time he steps on the court, he wants to be the best guy. Okay. I'm slowly falling for him. Start ripping on me in the comment section... NOW.


According to multiple sources, Anthony has narrowed choice down to either Chicago, New York or Houston. Houston is also said to have offered Chris Bosh a max contract, or it has at least talked to his agent about it assuming a Jeremy Lin trade happens.

For as much as I love the NBA regular season, man, the offseason is fun, but should some of this talk really excite us all that much? I mean, the bigger rumor today was that LeBron James is now considering going back to Cleveland. Didn’t we already know that he was at least considering that?

ESPN will be talking about it for five hours tomorrow, so I won’t go through any details. I’m sure you’ll will (or already have) gotten your fix.

Wolves To Host Open Scrimmage

For those of you fans here in the area, the Wolves are hosting an open scrimmage at the Target Center tomorrow. It’s free, but in order to reserve your spot, call 612-673-1234. You can head here for more information.

I believe our Tim Faklis will be in attendance. I will be busy attending a play. So yeah. That’s my life.

It should be interesting to see how Gorgui Dieng and Shabazz Muhammad look physically. It will also be a nice test for rookies Zach LaVine and Glen Robinson III.

Signings, Signings and More Signings

The big signings from yesterday: Josh McRoberts to Miami for the mid-level exception. Danny Granger to Miami for two years and $4.2 million Aaron Gray to Detroit for two years and an undisclosed amount Channing Frye (sit down for this) to Orlando for four years and $32 million

For the Heat, I don’t mind either signing. Despite the fact that he looks like a serial killer, I like the way McRoberts has progressed. Granger is a veteran, but he did absolutley nothing in the playoffs. Probably not the guy LeBron was looking for, but for $2.1 million per season, I’m not sure who else you’re getting.

The Magic have overpaid Ben Gordon and Channing Frye this offseason. I’m not real sure what’s going on down there. I’ve heard they want to make sure they are over the cap minimum, but if that’s the case, that still isn’t an excuse to give Frye a four-year deal.

I don’t have a whole lot to chat about today, folks. I’ll try to do better next time. In honor of McRoberts, I give you this: