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Lynx lock up 2 seed, Curry consulted by Warriors during Love talks, saying thanks

After tonight's loss, the Lynx are guaranteed the 2 seed in the Western Conference in the 2014 WNBA playoffs. The Golden State Warriors checked with their star during Kevin Love trade talks. Also, some music.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

With 3 games to go in the regular season, the Minnesota Lynx came into last night's game against the Los Angeles Sparks 2.5 games out of first place. Second place seemed likely, but the 71-63 loss at home (along with Phoenix's win tonight) cemented it.

Only Maya Moore got into double figures for Minnesota tonight, putting up 20 points on 9-19 shooting. Nobody really had it for the Lynx tonight, and they looked off for a majority of the evening, especially in the second half.

With two games to go, it's time to get excited for the playoffs, specifically the (expected) Western Conference Finals matchup between Minnesota and Phoenix. To boost our spirits, let's watch the Lynx beat the Mercury just a month ago.

In Wolves news, it looks as though the Golden State Warriors consulted with Steph Curry amidst Kevin Love trade talks with the Timberwolves. He spoke about it on the Dan Patrick Show:

Patrick: "How often did you talk to Klay Thompson about the possibility that he could be traded for Kevin Love?"

Curry: "A few times, just to see where his head's at. He actually took it pretty well ... Obviously, our trade didn't go through and it didn't happen and they are keeping our core intact. I know he's pretty happy with how things turned out."

Patrick: "Well, did management consult you?"

Curry: "Yeah, they asked for my opinion ... It's just a matter of if you think that move would make you better as a team. I didn't have an answer for it cuz you'd be giving up a lot to get him. But, uh, you know, not my decision."

Patrick: "Would you have done it?"

Curry: "I don't think you can give up Klay to make that happen. We have such a good core together. You got David Lee, Andrew Bogut ... We were a great team last year. Put the same core together another year, we gotta get better, right? That's the mission. I gotta hopefully prove that message right this year."

Curry his thoughts public back in May, but it looks as though his influence may have been more direct than previously reported. The extent of his influence is unknown, but as the team's star, it almost certainly had some level of impact.

In other Wolves news, it looks like Ricky Rubio might have been hitting the weights. Is it possible that the photo may have just gotten him at the right time? Maybe. But hey, it's August. Let's be positive!

Lastly, I'll touch on something I'm sad to mention. In light of some very sudden, recent events, this will be my last post as a member of Canis Hoopus. This season, I'll be working with the guys over at A Wolf Among Wolves, and am very excited to work with some writers I respect a lot.

That doesn't take away from the amount of respect I have for the guys here. I want to thank everyone here, starting with the writing staff, Eric, Zach, Key Dae, Kyle, Jer, RBE, VJL, and anyone I may be failing to mention. Canis Hoopus has been a fantastic experience I won't forget. For that reason, I'll still be around in the comments frequently. Thanks, guys.

I'll close it with a favorite song of mine.