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Wolves at the Fair: Crowd Cheers as Young Core is Introduced. Glen Taylor Said Words.

Some of the Timberwolves were at the Minnesota State Fair. Glen Taylor said things. Players made first impressions. Tuesday was quite the day. These are musings. Today is Wednesday.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, everyone.

The Minnesota Timberwolves recently traded Kevin Love. In return, they received three-players from two-separate teams. Those players are; Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and Thaddeus Young. Months ago, at the NBA Draft, the Wolves drafted Zach LaVine. Yesterday, the Wolves paraded these four-players around at the State Fair.

Also, yesterday, in Cleveland, Kevin Love was introduced as the newest member of the Cavaliers-- who made him a billboard. Back in St. Paul, though...

...Alan Horton ushered the aforementioned players onto the stage at the Fox 9 booth. Individually, Horton introduced Wiggins, Bennett, Young and LaVine, and anyone listening could assess the crowd's initial approval of each player. It was clear Wiggins was who most people had come to see, but, there was more than enough excitement to go around.

While the player taken first in the NBA Draft this summer was the most popular it was Young who answered questions with a strikingly delightful tone; he spoke confidently. Young is 26 years old, and appeared distinctly more comfortable than his cohorts sitting atop the stage. It would be difficult for rational minds previously unfamiliar with Young that witnessed the televised Q&A session to criticize his character.

Later, an group of media members posed questions without having to use a microphone. This was required during the press conference. The isolated media session did not take place in an area that fans could access. One by one, the trio of newcomers spoke for about five minutes apiece.

Wiggins and Young both sat in the offered chair, while Bennett elected to remain standing-- he appeared to be chewing on something while approaching scrum. Obviously, someone asked what he was eating. Bennett stated the fried alligator -- served at Bayou Bob's, the booth one slot over -- tasted like chicken.

It was discovered Bennett had his tonsils removed at some point, recently, this offseason. This surgery will help improve his ability to breath. He was quieter than Wiggins and Young, and his upside ranks the lowest among the group.

To my knowledge LaVine didn't speak in the extra Q&A session. Although he may have, I would have missed it because my attention meandered over to a unit of bleachers where Glen Taylor and some of the local beat writers were standing.

That's when Taylor said a few -- what are being perceived as distasteful -- things about Kevin Love. 

"I think Kevin, his offensive skills got better than I think we estimated. The only thing that I still have a question mark about will be his health. I had that concern then, I still have that concern and I think Cleveland should have that concern, too."

I believe the story of Taylor's comments regarding Love was first reported at ESPN 1500's website, about two hours after he said them. This was the picture Derek Wetmore used as the featured image of his article.

Does anyone else make that face when they hear people discussing Love's defensive skills?


You can watch Wiggins, Bennett, Young and LaVine answering various questions at the Fox 9 booth. Just click this link.

Flip Saunders, LaVine, Wiggins, Young, and Bennett appeared on KFAN's Bumper to Bumper program hosted by Dan Barreiro. There are few questions that Barreiro is afraid of asking, and the conversations he has with guests are usually worth listening to. You can listed to yesterday's recording of the program. This is the link.

There are some who may be interested in watching the Cavaliers introduce Love. If you wish to do that, click this link.


I'll have more words describing my day at the fair, soon.