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Love Responds To Taylor, Emotions Run High, And New Era Begins

After the blockbuster trade that brought Andrew Wiggins, Thad Young, and Anthony Bennett to Minneapolis nothing much is new in Wolves territory. Except Glen Taylor is bitter and Kevin Love is not.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a crazy summer for the Timberwolves. Andrew Wiggins likely feels the same way, as it's certainly uncommon to see the No. 1 overall pick traded before playing with his new squad.

Wolves owner Glen Taylor had some words that may extend the craziness. Taylor offered both honest and inaccurate comments about Kevin Love during the Great American Get-Together in Minneapolis on Tuesday.

"I think where maybe he got away with some stuff not playing defense on our team, I'm not sure that's how it's going to work in Cleveland," Taylor said on ESPN Radio 1500 AM in the Twin Cities on Tuesday. "I would guess they're going to ask him to play more defense, and he's foul-prone."

Taylor continued, "I question Kevin if this is going to be the best deal for him, because I think he's going to be the third player on the team. I don't think he's going to get a lot of credit if they do really well. I think he'll get blame if they don't do well. He's around a couple guys that are awful good."

Wait, did Taylor say foul-prone? Hmm... that doesn't seem right. I've watched Love since his rookie season and know one thing is for sure, he avoids fouls at all cost. I mean, how else is he supposed to pad his stats if he's off the court? Right, America? Right, Glen?

All sarcasm aside, Glen continued to dig a hole deeper than Shia LaBeouf.

"The only thing I still have a question mark about is health," Taylor said. "I had that concern then [when they negotiated his previous contract], and I still have that concern. I think Cleveland should have that concern, too."

Taylor's comments reek of bitterness, and as an owner there's simply no place for this. Word spreads around far too quickly in the NBA and there is little room for bad publicity, which Taylor certainly elicited after trading the second best player in franchise history. He is also tragically wrong. He can't seriously be afraid of hand injuries, and the idea that Kyrie Irving is the second option ahead of Love is laughable.

Taylor should have taken a tip from his fan base: move forward and rejoice, as if rain showed it's face in a remote desert for the first time in months. Something like...

Instead, Taylor chose a different route and opened himself up to criticism. And he should be highly criticized because he is the owner and he sets the precedence for the organization, including the way coaches, fans, and players perceive it.

Anyway, Love responded to Taylor's comments in an interview on "Mike & Mike" yesterday morning, saying: "I think emotions are definitely running high right now. For Glen to say that, I just think that he should be focusing on the players that he just received. I mean, he has two of the No. 1 picks in the last two drafts: Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett. He has another guy who can really play in Thaddeus Young."

Love continued, "I think he got a lot for me. So I'd be focusing even more on that. More than anything, I'm just excited to start my time in Cleveland, get to work with my new teammates, and start with this new family here."

I agree with Love's perspective. Taylor and the organization must move forward, focusing on the new cast of Wolves. Love is gone, and barring a LeBron-esque move he will never return to the North. It's time to move on to the new era and embrace the shift. Taylor can spend countless hours regretting that 5-year max offer he and Kahn didn't extend, or he can look at his fans and embrace the new era he has directly influenced.

The time may not be now for the unproven Wolves, but now is the time for him to move on. A majority of his fans certainly have. With that being said, here's a tune for Glen. If you're reading (you're not) I hope this makes you snap or fingers and stick out your tongue with an indubitable optimism over Wiggins and company. Open your eyes, be happy, live in the present.

I hope, through time, this is how you feel.