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Can't Trust Robbie Hummel, Robson & Adande Weigh in on Wolves, Lynx in PHX for WCF

We can't trust Robbie Hummel anymore. That ship has officially sailed. Two pretty good writers evaluated the Timberwolves situation. The Lynx are in Phoenix for Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, tonight.

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Back in July, during the midst of endless speculation surrounding Kevin Love and potential trade partners, Minnesota Timberwolves PR had some fun using the Twitter verse. They told us an announcement was coming and, subsequently, some of those who makeup what is referred to as 'Wolves Twitter' prepared to enter an internet-battlefield full of hot takes. Some were skeptical, but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't think the news would be of some grand substance.

What announcement was made, you ask?

Yes, we were fooled by this crafty tweeting by Wolves PR that led many to believe a trade-related announcement was going to be made. Instead, it was discovered the Timberwolves signed Robbie Hummel to a one-year contract. I regress.

What was the point of that story, Zach?

On Wednesday, Hummel tweeted a link to the picture below posted on his Instagram account. The caption read..

Excited to announce that I've been in the studio grinding and have finally finished my first hip hop studio album, ROB: Road to Redemption. Look for it in stores and on iTunes this fall. #getmysnareup #turnmyheadphonesup!!!

Don't even get me started on some of the Hummel-related puns that were out there while this was happening. He wasn't finished, either. Just as any good self-promoter would have done, Hummel continued teasing the masses prior to announcing his release of ROB: Road to Redemption.

It appeared as though the Timberwolves were going to have their first hip-hop artist on the team since Troy Hudson. However, as it turns out, just as Wolves PR had done in July, Hummel was merely trolling the internet for some laughs.

Lesson learned: Robbie Hummel cannot be trusted.


Back to your regularly scheduled musings.

Adande's column states 'the Timberwolves have a chance to be the most entertaining team in the league' because Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine will be flying through the air as Ricky Rubio is throwing them lob passes. Yes, this is something many fans expect to see during the season. However, Robson reminds us of the notion: Kevin Martin, Chase Budinger and Corey Brewer will all compete for minutes' against Wiggins and LaVine-- 'the brightest baubles in (Flip) Saunders' "destination player" strategy'. Don't forget the Wolves also signed Hummel, so there's another player that will be used at the small-forward position. Competition for minutes is good though, right? RIGHT?!

Today, a showdown of the WNBA's best teams will take place. The Phoenix Mercury host the Minnesota Lynx in Game One of the Western Conference Finals. Game Two is Sunday afternoon at Target Center. If a deciding Game 3 is needed, it would be Tuesday in Phoenix. Look for John (or someone) to have a preview for tonight's game up a lil' later today.

Our fearless leader, EIM, has gone out of town for the weekend. Let anarchy and chaos reign throughout the CanisHoopus comments  in his absence.