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Lynx Win Again, Glen Taylor Admits Love Will Be Traded

Another 40 points for Maya Moore, another win for the Lynx, this time in Tulsa.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Shooter got the goods from Glen Taylor for the Pioneer Press:

"I'm saying it's most likely because Kevin has made it pretty clear that that's what he wants to do," Wolves owner Glen Taylor told the Pioneer Press.

"I think when you move somebody like Kevin, who's been an all-star, that you've got to get a number of players on your team that have the potential of replacing him," Taylor said. "Flip (Saunders, Wolves president) has looked at this team and offensively, he's got a pretty good team. Defensively, it's got to be better, so I think that's where some of the areas will be replaced."

Not that this is new, but it's the first time a Wolves official has gone on record acknowledging that the trade is likely going to happen.

Elsewhere, the Lynx followed up their emotional win over Phoenix by beating Tulsa for the 4th time this season, this time on the road. Maya Moore scored 40, and has scored 30+ in each of the games against the Shock. Moore has an outside chance at setting the single season scoring record in the WNBA, currently held by Diana Taurasi.  Moore would have to average about 32 points per game over the final six games of the season to get there.

This is a Sunday open thread. What's going on?