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U.S. Women Beat Canada, Wolves with Mad Ants

All three Lynx players with the U.S. National Team got significant run in their tuneup game against Canada.

Kevin C. Cox

The FIBA men's world cup may be over, but the women's edition is upcoming at the end of this month in Turkey. To that end, the U.S. has started training camp and played a tuneup game last night against Canada. They Lynx have three players on the preliminary roster--Lindsay Whalen, Maya Moore, and Seimone Augustus, and all three played significant minutes last night. Moore and Whalen started, and Moore logged the most minutes on the roster while leading the team in assists and steals. Augustus came off the bench and scored eight points, while Whalen and Moore also scored eight a piece while the U.S. cruised in the 2nd half to an easy victory.

As we wrote yesterday, the Wolves will be among 13 teams trying to use the Fort Wayne Mad Ants as their D-League affiliate, as the other 17 teams in the league have one-to-one arrangements with NBA teams. This has led to some contortions about assignments, which we'll have to see how it plays out.

One of the problems with the D-League has been that the style of play does not resemble the NBA, and guys with limited NBA skills can often dominate the D-League. There is some question how valuable it is for development as currently structured. The current affiliation structure is clearly untenable, and the NBA will need to decide what direction it wants to go in the area of development. There is an argument that the entire thing just isn't worth it, and yet clearly many NBA teams think it is worth the investment even when they are limited to 15 players. Something will have to be done to adjust things soon, whether that's D-League expansion, developmental contracts for extra players, or something else.

We are two weeks away from the start of training camp, and we start having things to actually write about, with any luck. We'll get through it. Champions League group games start today!

Today in history

1400: Owain Glyndwr declared Prince of Wales. I just wanted to write Owain Glyndwr. 
1630: Massachusetts village of Shawmut changes its name to Boston
1810: Grito de Delores issued in Mexico calling for end of Spanish rule
1906: Roald Amundsen discovers magnetic South Pole
1908: William Durant, carriage maker, forms General Motors in Flint, MI
1941: German troops surround Kiev, Ukraine
1950: Viet Minh begin attacks against French bases in Vietnam
1970: King Hussein of Jordan forms military government
1982: Massacre of 1000+ mostly Palestinians begins in Sabra and Chatila

Today's musical birthday is B.B. King, born in 1925

Tuesday. Get stuck in.