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Introducing the CH Program

Episode 1: The Return -- Glenn Robinson III signs deal. How will the Wolves use the Fort Wayne Mad Ants? Eric calls in from Madison.

So, a quick story.

Entering last season, William Bohl of A Wolf Among Wolves invited John and I to join him and record a one-hour segment about the NBA & Minnesota Timberwolves. It was dubbed the "Break the Huddle Show." Once a week, we took time out of our schedules to gather inside a small, independent radio-studio owned and operated by KSIZ (Sizzlin 99.9) located in Blaine, Minnesota.

Unfortunately, Bohl is unable to join us for another season of coverage on a permanent basis. He handed over the proverbial keys, per say. Thus, we've rebranded the show into The C(anis)H(oopus) Program. As expressed on the show, John and I wouldn't have this opportunity had it not been for Bohl.

-- Billy, we sincerely appreciate what you did for us. Thank you.

Our goal remains the same: Provide substantial and informative content as it pertains to the NBA and the Timberwolves.

Maybe we'll have some fun while we're at it. I can inform you the Sizzlin studio intends to, at some point, send us into public venues/establishments where we'll do live shows. Outside of this, the show is pretty new and we are pretty flexible.

Here's what went down yesterday:

Watch live streaming video from thepublicstation at

We understand there is very little to watch on the video stream. That's why we encourage those of you who are podcasters to download and subscribe to the podcast. Here's the link. You'll be hit with a list of all the other programs produced by Sizzlin', but the Canis Hoopus Program is, obviously, where you'll want to go.

Discussed yesterday

  • Will the Wolves buyout J.J. Barea now that Glenn Robinson III has agreed to a guaranteed deal with Minnesota? Robinson was the 40th pick in 2014 Draft out of the University of Michigan.
  • There was an unsubstantiated rumor that Bulls looking at Kevin Martin for Tony Snell and Mike Dunleavy. John says he'd do this deal in a heartbeat, and it kind of makes sense for Chicago. The T-Wolves, meanwhile, will get a productive expiring contract in Dunleavy along with another excellent young player in Snell. A second-rounder in 2015 also makes this deal sweeter as the Wolves can add another pick which they could flip in an another transaction in the future.
  • Discuss wing minutes... how will they shake out? Any lasting thoughts? John wrote about this the other day, ICYMI: Sorting Through the Maze
  • How do the Wolves plan on using their D-League affiliate, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants?
  • Eric called from his home in Madison, so, you can hear his voice!!!

On a personal note, I was hesitant to rebrand the show into the CH Program. I understand, and have the utmost respect for the Canis Hoopus community and the stoic presence this website has among Wolves blogs out there. Because I'm still, relatively, new here, it wasn't until Eric OK'd the title that we decided to roll with the name.

John and I are beyond grateful for the opportunity to record and produce this program on a regular basis. I believe I speak for both of us when I say that we truly appreciate the readership here at CH. This cannot be overstated.We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as you do reading the content published on the site.

That said: What are your suggestions for the CH Program? You're our audience. You're the reason we're here.

Obviously we can not appease every request, but, we are listening-- I assure you.

Again, here's the link to download the Canis Hoopus Program podcast via iTunes. (Success in this industry is measured in podcast downloads, I guess)

You can follow the Program's Twitter account if that's what you're into. Here's the link. -- Added 12:27 PM (9/17): The date on iTunes states July 1st. Ignore it. It's the only episode of the CH Program available for download. It will give you the episode from yesterday (12/16).

We're motivated to create a product that doesn't suck. I'm asking you guys how to help us do that.