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CH Program: Episode 2

Episode 2: A Guest -- Alex Conover joins us in the studio. We hear from Eric. Stories were told. We discussed Ricky Rubio, zone defense and Darko, among other things, in the second episode of the CH Program.

Hello, everyone. Yesterday was Tuesday. That's the day we do the show.

John and I welcomed Alex Conover to the studio. Alex is a former Minnesota Timberwolves employee who, now, is a Communications Manager at his alma mater, Saint Mary's. During his spare time, Alex does work with Northstar Hoops Report-- (NHR) was founded in February 2012 with the goal of becoming the source for Minnesota high school and AAU basketball.

Feel free to visit the NHR website or find Alex on Twitter at either one of his accounts, @Alex_Cono and @NorthstarAlex.

He explains why he has two Twitter accounts on the show.

The album titled Simirrational is made by the brother of former Wolves shooting guard Alexey Shved. Alex made the album artwork, which is pretty neat.

As far as pertinent Wolves matters go..

Because of this tweet sent out yesterday afternoon, we felt it important to discuss Ricky Rubio's contract situation. John, Alex and I tried our best to go over Eric's questions from this post published the other day. We heard from Eric via the telephone, before going over ESPN's ranking of NBA teams with the best up-and-coming talent (players under 25 years old).

Below, a link to the livestream broadcast.
It's the second episode and I'm still new at this producing thing-- there's some technical kinks I have yet to work out.

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We'll be back next week. We'll soon feature a segment where the phone lines will be open, so, anyone may call in.

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