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FIBA Women's World Championship, EPL Derby Day

Some sports stuff happening on Saturday. Come On You Spurs.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As we anxiously await the start of training camp so we can discuss who is in #thebestshapeofhislife, Saturday is actually a pretty good day for sports.

It starts in the EPL, where there are two huge derbies today.

First, the Merseyside Derby, as Everton goes across the park to Anfield to face Liverpool in a battle of two teams that are off to relatively disappointing starts. Both have top-4 hopes, but need to start producing better results soon. This is always a tough go for Everton, but Liverpool has not looked great, as their attack has foundered with the departure of Luis Suarez.

Game kicks at 6:45 CDT.

Second is the one I'm dreading: The North London Derby, as Spurs head to the Emirates to face Arsenal. Two teams whose supporters proper hate each other. The problem is my best friend in the world is a huge Arsenal fan. A somewhat unfortunate situation. (Hi J if you are reading this! Love to the kids!).  Also, some good friends from Canis are also Arsenal fans. You are all bastards, every one of you.

That said, this is a not in the face situation for Spurs. I'm not feeling at all good about the chances for a result, as Spurs have looked dire the last couple of weeks in the league, with a sloppy fiasco of a draw away to Sunderland and truly embarrassing performance in a loss at home to West Brom. Frankly, they might suck. Still, it's one of the premier derbies in the league.

Kickoff at 11:30 CDT.

Finally, the Women's World Championship gets underway from Turkey today. All of the games are streaming on ESPN3, starting at 6:00 am CDT.  The U.S. vs. China is the final game of the day, with scheduled tip for 1:30. Three Lynx are among the players on the U.S. roster.

Have a great Saturday.