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Timberwolves Embark on Road Trip, Love Update

Some stray stuff on a Monday morning.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

A new week in Wolves land dawns, and the Pups are on their way out of town to begin a four game road trip, to wit:

@Pacers Tuesday
@Suns Friday
@Nuggets Saturday
@Hornets Monday

The Hornets game will be the 40th of the season, meaning we are approaching the halfway point of this disappointing season. While there has been no specific announcement from the Wolves, I am hopeful that upon their return to Target Center next week when the Mavs and Pelicans come to town, at least one if not two (likely Nikola Pekovic and/or Kevin Martin) will return from long injury absences.

While it's too late to salvage much out of this season, seeing some better basketball would be nice.

Meanwhile, things seem to be going south at the moment for the Cavs; they lost again last night in embarrassing fashion, and afterwards David Blatt said something about Kevin Love not being a max player yet.  I believe this was simply in reference to his contract, but it could be interpreted that he doesn't view Love as a max player. This follows speculation that Love is having serious second thoughts about re-signing with the Cavs once he hits free agency this summer.

I don't know what to make of it, though ultimately I think they will start winning and have a reasonably successful season, which will go a long way toward keeping things together. But Love has been somewhat marginalized, and how much of that is due to his play and how much due to the way Kyrie Irving (and others) play and David Blatt's coaching is an open question.

What I do know is not involving Love in pick and roll action at every opportunity is a waste of his talent.

  • Corey Brewer is 23-56 (41%) on threes since joining the Rockets. Just a hot streak, but argh. Makes me even more frustrated with the Wolves' tactics.
  • Hope you are all paying some attention to the Hawks, who haven't lost in forever and lead the Eastern Conference. Fun team with a group of good players but no superstar. Just a well put together roster and good coaching.
  • I'm not unhappy to have Miroslav Raduljica on the squad, but after two brief appearances, it's pretty clear to me that he's unlikely to be more helpful than Jeff Adrien.
  • Hassan Whiteside.
That's all I got this morning. Happy Monday.