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Robbie Hummel suffers hand fracture

Injury occurred in third quarter of Wolves loss to Hawks

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

From Kyle Ratke w/Timberwolves PR:

The injury happened at the end of the third quarter of the Wolves loss to the Hawks. Robbie said the break is clean, and he knew immediately that something was wrong. The Wolves have listed him as indefinite for right now. Normal timetable for recovery is 4-6 weeks.

This hurts the Wolves more than one might initially think. The Wolves already lack for functional players playing competent basketball, and now they're down one more of them. Robbie has been one of the team leaders in net rating all season, and has served as an emergency everything, particularly backup center and point guard due to Pekovic's absence and Flip's inexplicable refusal to sign an actual backup point. This also happens at a terrible time for him individually, as he has averaged 6.6 points and 7 rebounds on 50% shooting since winning the starting small forward job 5 games ago.

So backup point guard/center, +/- legend and rap icon Robbie Hummel will now be suit pant/sport jacket combo sideline model Robbie Hummel for a while. But at least....and I say this with genuine wasn't his ACL again.