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Reports: Timberwolves Signing PG Lorenzo Brown

Reports indicate that, at long last, the Timberwolves are signing a backup point guard. Remember this guy?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Reports from Marc Stein of ESPN have the Minnesota Timberwolves signing PG Lorenzo Brown to a 10-day contract, filling the open roster spot from Miroslav Radjulica's second 10-day contract expiring. Brown currently plays for the Grand Rapids Drive of the D-League (affiliate of the Pistons).

Brown is a 6'5", 189 lb. point guard out of North Carolina State, and a Timberwolves draft pick (52nd overall in 2013). He was signed, then waived by the Wolves during preseason. He was signed by the 76ers and made his NBA debut with them, but also spent time with the D-League teams in Springfield and Delaware. Coming into the season, he signed with Reyer Venezia of Italy, but was waived after failing a physical. He's been with Grand Rapids for most of the season after spending preseason with the Pistons.

This very blog had a paragraph about him in the summary of the 2013 draft. EiM had the following:

At 52, they selected Lorenzo Brown, a 6'5" point guard from North Carolina State. Brown is a poor scorer and shooter, but does pile up the assists and steals. vjl110's models actually like him quite a bit for a second round pick, forecasting 2.3 peak wins, but with a very high 69% bust rate. I would be surprised if he made the team, especially if Alexey Shved remains.

He's no Wolters or Mekel, but he is very much a point guard. Hooray! I'll try and add more links and info when I have more time, but for now, check out his D-League player profile, complete with video highlights, like this!

Edit (11:05am): Here's a couple of tweets from local media about the deal. I'm on lunch now!

Edit (3:48pm): Wanted to link another couple of pieces on Brown as the afternoon goes. Here's a piece from Detroit Bad Boys about the potential call-up of Brown as a replacement for Brandon Jennings after his season-ending injury. And another one from Liberty Ballers after Brown was waived from the 76ers last season. As noted in the article, he shot really, really badly last year.