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Wolves win, have a backup point guard, a K-Mart, and the most Rising Stars ever!

In your Thursday morning notebook: Could the Timberwolves start their first multiple-game winning streak of the year? Is Lorenzo Brown now in the lead in the MVP race? Will the Rising Stars game feature all of the dunks or ALL of the dunks? YOU decide which of these is the least likely below the jump.

Zach LaVine, cleared for takeoff.
Zach LaVine, cleared for takeoff.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, happy Thursday, and welcome to Thursday Thrills. Trying the name on for size, we'll see if it sticks. Here's what you need to know this morning.

  • The Wolves won a game last night! By double digits! I promise I'm not lying! They did in fact beat the Boston Celtics 110-98 at Target Center last night, their first home win since 2014. Game recap from John is here.
  • In that game, two Wolves made their 2015 debuts: Kevin Martin returned from his lengthy absence and scored 21 points in 29 minutes off the bench, leading the team in scoring. Lorenzo Brown made his first appearance as a Timberwolf and impressed, with 11 points, 3 assists and 1 rebound in his 24 minutes, including the entire fourth quarter. Zach LaVine also had one of his best games in a while, with 17 points on 7/9 shooting from the field, 4 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals in his 24 minutes, including a couple of monster dunks. Like this one!

  • And while we're in fun Vines from last night's point guards, here's Lorenzo putting Phil Pressey on the floor.

  • I always enjoy looking at the away media reports after a game, especially a Wolves win. Here are recaps from the Boston Heraldthe Boston Globe and CelticsBlog, and an interesting article from the Boston Herald on the Love trade from a Boston perspective. The Globe recap has a good quote from Brandon Bass about our young players and confidence.
  • The next game is Friday away to the 76ers, and while the Sixers did wax Detroit tonight (89-69!) (really! Liberty Ballers recap!), this still seems like a pretty good chance to get a second consecutive win and revenge for the home loss earlier this year. Preview will be up on Friday morning.
  • Also, all three of the Knicks (100-92 over the Thunder) (why are you looking at me like that? Posting and Toasting recap!), Sixers and Wolves won last night, which means (1) the Wolves still have the worst record in the NBA and (2) there probably won't be a game tomorrow because the world is ending.
  • While we're on other NBA team results from yesterday, Mo Williams no longer has the highest single-game points total of the year. Kyrie Irving dropped 55 in a 99-94 Cavalier victory over the Trail Blazers, including 11 3-pointers. A recap from Fear the Sword is here.
  • Also announced yesterday were the lineups for the Rising Stars Challenge during All-Star weekend in February, and the Timberwolves will be well represented, with a record four players selected in total. Shabazz Muhammad and Zach LaVine will play for the USA team, and Andrew Wiggins and Gorgui Dieng will play for the World team. Key's summary of the news is here.
  • Also, here's a couple pictures of Ricky.

Boom. Ricky's outfit is on point tonight

A photo posted by Minnesota Timberwolves (@mntimberwolves) on

  • Lastly, I just want to thank you guys for being so welcoming to me for the last week. Since this is my first non-news-ish article, I figured I would put a couple lines in of introduction. I'm a high school band director, currently residing in St. Louis, MO. I have never been to a Timberwolves home game in Minnesota (but I did go to two preseason games this year!). In addition to basketball, I also obsessively watch cricket and soccer, and pretty much any other sport I can get my hands on. And the only fantasy sport I currently play is fantasy League of Legends. And lastly, I'm changing my name to what it actually is, David Naylor (formerly, but always ProfCedar). Here's your musical selection for the day, by my current jam, Australian band The Cat Empire. Happy Thursday!