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Suns @ Wolves on ESPN: Why Should We Watch?

Come on down to Target Center for tonight's nationally televised game! MINUS 9 DEGREES = MINUS 9 DOLLARS. Did I sell the game hard enough? No? Fine, here's why we should watch...

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's nationally televised game against the Phoenix Suns (ESPN) tips off at 8:30 p.m. at Target Center.

As you may have seen by now, the Timberwolves are offering a special ticket promotion in response to the dropping temperature in the Twin Cities -- fans will receive $9 off any ticket to tonight’s game to reflect last night’s -9°F low temperature. HOWEVER, we all know what's really going on here. Target Center has been dead over the last month and the only time fans get excited, essentially, is when 1) Wiggins, Bazz or LaVine dunks 2) the team makes a big run (not often) or 3) T-shirts are launched into the crowd during a timeout.

Glen Taylor wants people in the arena -- I know, what a novel concept -- for a nationally televised game. Thus, a special promotion. We'll see if it works well enough to get the arena half full. We've been toying around with 30% capacity, at least in my estimation, for weeks now. Even the Philadelphia 76ers have better attendance.

NBA Attendance (as of 1/7/15)

Why should we watch tonight?

I'm going to watch because Phoenix has a sweet three-headed monster at point guard in Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe and Isaiah Thomas. What can I say, I'm hungry for good point guard play.

Also, former Wolves' swingman Gerald "let me just toss this ball off the glass to myself because why not" Green will be on the court tonight. I used to loathe him, now I really like him.

If somebody told me Green would turn into a serviceable NBA player five years ago, I would have openly laughed in their face. Good for Gerald.

Why will you watch tonight?

Let's see what some fellow CH-ers had to say:

"Wiggins and Bazz are reasons 1-15 why I watch" - VoodooMagic

"It's one of the few ESPN games so I'll watch because I can see it on TV." - Joel Hernandez

"I will watch. Momentum and because my life is relatively empty right now. Woo, grad school!" - Spanish_Inquisition

"I will watch, I can't look away." - TenderWolf

All. Good. Reasons.

In other news...

Jeff Adrien will not be playing for the Wolves tonight, because he's no longer part of the team...

My favorite Jeff Adrien moment this season came after the Portland game on December 10, ironically that's the last time the Wolves won a game. Adrien played 26 minutes, the most in his short stint here, and helped limit LaMarcus Aldridge to 10 points and 8 rebounds on 3-14 shooting. He scored 8 points, grabbed 11 rebounds, blocked two shots and gave the Wolves a much needed shot in the arm.

But what I remember most came in the locker room after the game. Adrien urged Wiggins to keep watching film, studying every game in-depth. I remember Adrien said something to the degree of, "I watched tons of film the past two days and it paid off... just watch tonight's film over and over again, ingrain this into your mind" and Wiggins basically nodded through a few minutes of jacked up Jeff Adrien chatter. Adrien immediately became one of the most vocal players the second he stepped foot into that locker room.

Eventually, after Brewer was traded, he finally got his own locker; a true accomplishment for any fringe NBA player that bounces around like he does. Up until that point he had this makeshift locker in the corner with all of his clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. scattered everywhere. But now that locker will be empty again; the revolving locker as I call it. Perhaps Miroslav Raduljica will hold on to that precious locker space next to Wiggins. We'll see how quickly an official deal with him is announced -- lord knows the Wolves need healthy bodies. Anyways, best of luck to Adrien. I doubt he'll be unemployed for long as there are many teams in need of what he brings -- rebounding, defense, tenacity, grit. Unfortunately, Key didn't get his wish.

Eric will have a game thread up later today (if he feels like it). Until then, you can chat here. Go Wolves! Let's break this 12-game losing streak tonight.