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Timberwolves Lose in Milwaukee 98-84, Losing Streak Reaches 14

An embarrassing performance all around for the Timberwolves in Milwaukee

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this one. We could criticize virtually everything about tonight, from individual players (no one distinguished themselves) to the various "schemes" attempted, but what's the point? That was a debacle of the first order. The Bucks decided to get interested in the 2nd quarter, and the game was not in doubt after that. The Wolves had no chance; the Bucks forced the ball out of Wiggins' and Muhammad's hands early, and the Wolves had no alternatives.

They also couldn't guard anyone, as the Bucks cruised to a 50+% field goal shooting night, and were raining threes down throughout.

At half time I tweeted:

It's totally outrageous that they have done nothing about this since Rubio's injury 9 weeks ago. Playing Mo Williams 30 minutes or more a night is impossible; he can't stay healthy.

Even Flip knows Zach LaVine shouldn't be out there. How do I know this? On a night with no available point guards, Zach LaVine played the first 18 minutes of the game...then only 9 minutes the rest of the way. First, they tried Troy Daniels, who was terrible. The fourth quarter featured Robbie Hummel at the point. Yes, you read that correctly. The Wolves actually made a run.

Look, whatever you think about Zach LaVine, this isn't helping. Everything about it is painful, and the Wolves simply won't do anything about it. I understand that this year is lost; that doesn't mean you go without a point guard for months at a time. That's just wrong.

Tonight's recipe is from Ailuridae for chicken stock/soup:

Stock is delicious. Soup made from stock is delicious. But since it requires a whole bird to make about a gallon of stock it is pretty wasteful. So here is an alternative

Take a decent sized chicken and break it into parts. Or don't even bother - buy leg quarters whole or already cut up. About 4 pounds or so. Start with some olive oil over medium heat. Add a couple of stalks celery, a couple of carrots, two onions in a small rough chop. Cook adding salt and pepper (liberally) until the onions starts to become translucent. Add three cloves of garlic. Before the garlic browns add 1 gallon of water and the three pounds of chicken thighs. Brind to a boil and then turn down to a slow simmer ( a bubble comes to the surface oocasionally). Have a glass of wine. About 30 minutes in start poking at the chicken. If it feels cooked at all pull it and set aside to cool. Let the stock keep cooking,

Pick apart the chicken once it is cooled. Drain the solids from the stock in the pot. Ok so now you have the base for a chicken soup, and some chicken. From here the possibilities are myriad. But let's do a classic: chicken noodle.

Now its just ratios:

4 cups stock
2 Cups cooked egg noodles
2 cups of the chicken
1 cup each frozen peas, diced one, carrots in rounds and celery chopped in half moons.
A tablespoon or two of fresh time.

add everything but the chicken and noodles into a pot. Simmer. Test until the carrots are soft enough. Add the noodles and Chicken and heat through - like a minute.

So you still have twelve cups of chicken stock and probably two more cups of chicken left over. More soup on successive days, obviously.

Wolves host San Antonio tomorrow night. That should be fun.