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Prince performed for three hours in celebration of Minnesota Lynx championship

The artist still known as Prince rocked into the late night with players and fans.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

When your team wins three WNBA titles in five years, the players and their fans deserve a huge party.

And that's precisely what long-time supporter Prince threw them by bringing down the house deep into Wednesday night at Paisley Park for the enjoyment of the team.

The music legend, who had attended the game, was in high spirits, rocking out for three whole hours as he went through his catalogue of well-known hits and some of his favorite cover songs in a wild jam session.

The Star-Tribune has more details on what exactly went down at the private concert.

Prince started the party with "Purple Rain" shortly after 12:30 a.m. even though the champs hadn't arrived yet. Within a few hits including "Let's Go Crazy," he was showing his respect, congratulating the Lynx "on a job well done." On the two video screens in the NPG Music Club, a newly made slide featured the Lynx logo and the words "2015 WNBA Champions."

The players arrived in time, causing the invite-only crowd of Lynx staffers and Target Center personnel to grow to maybe 150. Augustus wore an orange championship ballcap when she joined dancing machine guard Renee Montgomery onstage. Prince invited several of the players onstage to dance - and Montgomery proved to be as impressive on the dancefloor as she was on the court.

At some point in the night most the team, likely exhausted physically and emotionally after the hard-fought victory, gradually left the dance floor but that didn't stop Prince, who kept jamming until 4:00am.

Apparently, he left on a bicycle. Because Prince.