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Timberwolves Starting Lineup: To LaVine or Not to LaVine?

So this became a debate. What is the Wolves starting lineup when the games count for real?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

So an internet debate arose over the last couple of days about the Timberwolves starting lineup, and that's always fun, so let's take a look.

It started with a comment from beat writer Jerry Zgoda who, in discussing Zach LaVine getting minutes as back up point guard against the Grizzlies, mentioned that it appeared the experiment with LaVine as starting shooting guard was over.

This struck me as a surprise, given that Mitchell announced it so firmly early in camp. It's true that he only actually started there for the first couple of preseason games, but still. I don't think Zgoda just made this up--I'm assuming he had some information.

This led to the question: Who starts? I made the assumption that it meant a return to the starting lineup for Kevin Martin, but Zgoda isn't convinced this is the plan, though we should see more of Martin the next couple of games. He's had a sore back, which is probably not a good sign at this point in the year.

Zgoda hinted that they might run Tayshaun Prince out there in the starting lineup, but that seems nuts to me, as well as to:

Our own Layne Vashro suggests starting Bjelica and KG up front, with Rubio, Martin and Wiggins, but apparently KG won't start at center. Other possibilities include starting Bjelica, KG, and Towns at the 3-4-5 spots, but nobody wants to see Bjelica guarding wings, or starting Muhammad with Wiggins on the wing, which has a bit of appeal but Muhammad hasn't seemed central to the plans so far this preseason and hasn't performed particularly well either.

The result is the starting lineup seems a bit in turmoil, though if I had to guess, either Zgoda has it wrong and LaVine still starts at the two or they simply swap Martin back in for him.

The other aspect of this is Zgoda's remark that:

Again, this is tweet from Zgoda, but if the coaching staff already thinks that LaVine "needs the ball" to be effective, that's a conclusion that worries me. It seems clear to me that if LaVine is going to be remotely effective at this point, it's off the ball, catching and shooting and running the wing in transition.

So what the heck is going on? What is the starting lineup going to be? What should it be?

Meanwhile, the Wolves play the Bucks this evening at 7:00 pm CDT from my town of Madison.  The game will actually be televised on FSN as I understand it, though it's also listed as an NBA TV game. At any rate I'll be there and hopefully full of funny and informative tweets.

Today in history

1803: Congress ratifies Louisiana Purchase
1818: 49th parallel established as U.S.-Canada border
1820: Spain sells U.S. part of Florida for $5M and a lifetime of Early Bird Specials
1864: President Lincoln formally establishes Thanksgiving as a national holiday
1921: Germany and Allies come to agreement on WWI reparations
1936: Spanish government moves to Barcelona
1945: Nuremberg trials of accused Nazi war criminals open
1955: "Return of the King," the third and final volume of The Lord of the Rings published in England
1973: OPEC oil embargo ends
2011: Muammar Gaddafi killed after capture by rebels in Libya

Today's musical birthday is rocker Tom Petty, born in 1950