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2015 NBA GM Survey: Wiggins most likely to break out; Towns most likely to be the best

The Wolves' prized #1 picks topped a couple of lists in the annual GM survey and also OMG IT'S STAR WARS

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA's 2015 yearbook annual GM survey is out, and the Wolves' pair of #1 picks were voted to have very bright futures.

Andrew Wiggins topped the "Most likely to have a breakout year" category with 17.2% of the votes, beating out 'Greek Freak' Giannis Antetokounmpo (13.8%) and Bradley Beal and Jabari Parker (10% apiece). Wiggins finished the '14-15 season by averaging 20 points and 5 rebounds in March-April, and showed vast improvement in his one serious skill fault - handles. The Bucks' duo is nothing to scoff at, but I like Wigs' chances at this one (subpar pre-season nonwithstanding...)

Meanwhile, Karl-Anthony Towns was voted Most Likely to Succeed or some such thing. Actually, the category is Which Rookie Will Be the Best in 5 Years?

Interestingly, Jahlil Okafor was voted most likely to win Rookie of the Year (45% of the votes, to Towns' 34%), but KAT ran away with the 5 year thing - 61% to Mudiay/Okafor at just 10%. It makes sense. Okafor has a polished post game, a much lower foul rate, and plays for a team that will be desperate for someone - anyone - to make a basket. But Towns has a vastly more diverse skillset, is much more likely to be a defensive anchor, and has a God-sent mentor in Kevin Garnett.

Personally, I think five years is an overly-cautious. I give it three. History shows us that players with Okafor's profile start fast but plateau (relatively) early - Al Jefferson, Zach Randolph, Brook Lopez, etc. The super-duper multi-dimensional KGs/Anthony Davis-es of the world take a little longer to ignite, but reach outer space when they get going and OH MY GOD OUTER SPACE HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW STAR WARS TRAILER!!!!

First off, I was introduced to Star Wars by, of all things, the 1995 Collectors Edition of the TIE Fighter video game. So get wrecked, childhood. The Prequels had a distinct lack of....well....a lot of stuff. Including absurdly, gloriously chaotic starfighter battles. The X-Wing/TIE Fighter shots in this trailer are catnip to me.

Now I'm one of those stans that had the entire Star Wars universe living in my head. I mean everything - movies, books, games -  you name it. Heir to the Empire all the way to Wraith Squadron: Mercy Kill. I've flown X-Wings, Y-Wings, A-Wings, B-Wings, T-Wings, V-Wings, TIE Fighters, TIE Interceptors, TIE Bombers, TIE Avengers, and TIE Defenders. I led Republic Commando Delta Squadron and the Imperial 501st. I could quote you 50 years of Han and Leia's relationship from trash compactor to Jacen Solo's fall to the dark side.

SO. The announcement that all the EU stuff was getting thrown out threw me big time. I'm going to have to re-learn everything I think I know about Star Wars now, and I was pretty skeptical about that.

But this trailer man. This got me. I was always excited, but now I'm running walls. We're talking fangirl/One Direction stuff here, people. Let us all weep majestic man-and-Lindsey-tears of sweet, sweet joy together.

Also, I am AMPED to see Oscar Isaac, Diasy Ridley and John Boyega. If you have not watched Ex Machina or Attack the Block, go watch them now.

Also also, do NOT be that racist moron who's boycotting Star Wars because John Boyega is black. DO NOT. You have been warned.