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Thursday Therapy: Who Starts?

As the regular season draws near (six days!), the Minnesota Timberwolves have many options, but no starting shooting guard. Zach LaVine is apparently a point guard again, Kevin Martin has had a terrible preseason, Shabazz Muhammad might not be ready yet, and Andrew Wiggins is a 3. So what's the plan?

Could this guy start at the 2 for the Wolves?
Could this guy start at the 2 for the Wolves?
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, and welcome to the couch. The Wolves play their last preseason game tomorrow at Target Center against the Bucks, and all eyes will be on who starts next to Ricky Rubio. Rather than a competition at the shooting guard position, it seems more like a hot potato, being tossed from person to person through the last few weeks.

After tomorrow, the Wolves will have to make the decision of who gets the job. Today, you decide. In the poll below, the readers of Canis Hoopus decide who should start next Wednesday at the Lakers, and coach Sam Mitchell will absolutely* listen to your valued opinions below the line.

*not really


In somewhat related news, the Wolves also need to cut their roster down to the NBA's requirement of 15 players. They currently remain at 18, but Nick Wiggins and Kleon Penn are unlikely to stick around and surprise anyone. That leaves the decision of who the last cut will be.

The decision is likely to be between Lorenzo Brown and Damjan Rudez. Brown has played 13.1 minutes per game in five preseason games, averaging 4.2 points, 1.6 assists and 1 steal per game. He is arguably a better defender than either Andre Miller or Tyus Jones, and has appeared at both guard positions both in Las Vegas at summer league and in the preseason, as well as admirably filling the bench for much of 2014-15.

Rudez, in what may be a foreshadowing, has seen more time, playing in all six preseason games with 19.1 minutes per game, averaging 5 points and an assist per games and shooting 38.9% from 3 on 18 attempts, his primary asset to the team. He is yet another body in a crowded group of forwards and likely wouldn't see much regular season time, but he also brings the three point shooting that this team still lacks.

I fear the writing may be on the wall for Brown, as many have predicted since the signings of Prince and Andre Miller. It would be the second time he has been waived by the Wolves during training camp. The bottom line is that the competition for the fifteenth roster spot on a bad team in the regular season is not that important in the long run. The final cut will likely be finalized over the weekend, after Friday's game.


Song of the day is the only thing I could think of with the season so close. Enjoy, and happy Thursday.