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Timberwolves Opening Day Open Thread

Good morning all. Timberwolves basketball is back!

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning and welcome to another season of Timberwolves basketball!  The Wolves open their season at 9:30 pm in Los Angeles against the Lakers, while 28 of the league's 30 teams are in action tonight.

The NBA season got underway yesterday with the Pistons beating the Hawks in Atlanta, (KCP!), the Bulls hanging on against the Cavs at home (Mirotic!), and the Warriors pounding the Pelicans in Oakland (Curry!).

This is just a quick open thread for the morning. Later Lindsey will have some thoughts on Flip Saunders, I'll have some thoughts about tonight and the upcoming season (assuming I can generate some thoughts), and of course we'll have a game thread for the opener.

Meanwhile, let me commend you to a new podcast by Canis members Average Jer and Klawitter: The Awkward Bounce. This is their first episode, and Britt Robson is the guest.  Give them a listen. The above is an itunes link, here is a Stitcher link.

Speaking of Robson, here is his Eastern Conference Preview for the MinnPost. Western Conference should be published soon.

Also, go read Punchdrunk Wolves.

In honor of opening day, here's a terrible but appropriate song. More later.