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Lynx drop Game 1, Wolves prepare for scrimmage

The Lynx fall to the Fever at home while the Wolves prepare for the preseason with an open scrimmage.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

In the biggest news of the weekend, the Lynx dropped Game 1 of the WNBA Finals by a score of 75-69. Maya Moore dropped a personal Finals record of 27 points, but it wasn't enough as Briann January and the Fever continually made big plays throughout the game. Indiana's persistent and aggressive defense seemed to rattle the Lynx at times, and the Lynx must adjust their gameplan accordingly if they hope to even the series. Game 2 will be played on Tuesday at the Target Center this Tuesday at 7pm. You can catch the telecast on ESPN 2.

In Wolves related news - the team is hosting a free open scrimmage tonight at 7pm. If the Summer League showcase was any indication, Target Center is going to be packed. I'll be on hand in Section 116, so stop by and say hi if you've got a chance!

On another note, you might have seen some rumblings yesterday regarding a Timberwolves rebrand. My good friend Paul Crary and a buddy of his from Twolves Rebrand spent the majority of the last month creating a new look for the Wolves. The majority of us can agree that we're sorely in need of a new look to accompany the new direction of the team, and I think Paul & co. hit the nail on the head. I'm really digging the alt home look. Let me know what you guys think and check out the court + other logos here!

Nothing is actually on the horizon (as far as I know) for the Wolves rebrand, but as each day passes, I'm becoming increasingly jealous of our friends over in Milwaukee. These new alternate jerseys and this court are amazing.

Lastly, this is my final contribution at Canis.

Because of so, I've decided to end my tenure here with one final 2k video (my best yet, if I do say so myself). This time, I'm taking the 03-04 Wolves and putting them against the 03-04 Pistons. Let's just pretend that Cassell's dance never happened and we beat the Lakers. That also would've meant I wouldn't have locked myself in my room for two days and cried for an hour straight after the Wolves were eliminated. I imagine this is how things would have went down (including Wally's ridiculous layup at the end of the video):

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Thanks for everything! It's been incredible having the opportunity to contribute on occasion. This community has been amazing for me for the past several years, and as always...I'll still be around in the comments.